Anniversary Gift for Him

Buy a Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him today, from any of the websites in the Glass Engravers Directory.  Either inexpensive 'click and buy' Champagne Flutes or Solid Crystal Hearts - or commission a specially engraved Anniversary Gift for Him at an affordable price.

The Champagne Flutes are ideal for you both to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and they are nicely packed in a silver colour branded box from the Crystal Gifts range.  The solid Optical Crystal Heart is supplied in a sumptuous velvet lined casket with a lid that closes with a 'clunk' and is engraved with Happy Anniversary - so you can truly 'give him your heart' with this inexpensive gift.

Special Anniversary Gift for Him

For a more 'bespoke' Anniversary Gift for Him, take a look at the few examples below, taken from the large range available in all websites listed in the Glass Engraver's Directory.  Select an engraver who specialises, or one geographically close to your home town.


Champagne Flutes Wedding Anniversary gift for him.

Inexpensive Champagne Flutes for a Wedding Anniversary, just 'Click & Buy'

Engraved Crystal Book, Anniversary Gift for Him .

Combine the Optical Crystal Book with an engraving layout, below, for an ideal Anniversary Gift for Him.


Engraved cut crystal, Anniversary Gift for Him.

Cut crystal Tumbler, with clear panel for engraving your message for a superb Anniversary Gift for Him.


Engraved Glass Tankard, Anniversary Gift for Him.

For the man who enjoys a pint, the Balmoral Glass Tankards make a grand Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him.


A hand made Rock Tablet clock, with slate face and large engraving area, makes a marvellous Anniversary Gift for Him

The Rock Tablet range is hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  Ideal Gift for His Anniversary.

A beautiful WhiteFire Optical Crystal Book, a ‘blank canvas’, ready for your inscription and design selected from a large library.  Or an Inverness Crystal Spirit Glass; cut crystal with a plain panel, ready for your engraving. 

A Balmoral Glass 1 pint Tankard (half pints are available too), in a distinctive blue box.  Hand made glass for a special occasion.  Lastly, a Rock Tablet ‘Caledonian Clock’, superb for his desk as a reminder of The Day.

The above are simply a few ideas.  You will find dozens of different pieces of glass and crystal available on all websites and an easy way to order too.  You will find that special Anniversary Gift for Him and complete the engraving details in a few clicks.  Delivery is to any address, worldwide.

Engraving a Special Anniversary Gift for Him

Engraving layout ideas for you, for different Anniversary Gifts for Him, are below.  There are many designs to choose from and different styles of text too, on all websites on the Directory.

Engraved glass 10th Anniversary Gift for Him.


Engraved glass 15th Anniversary Gift for Him.


Engraved glass Anniversary Gift for Him.


Engraved glass special Anniversary Gift for Him.

Glass & Crystal look fantastic when engraved with a Design as well as words.


Celebrate a special Wedding Anniversary with a Gift for Him that commemorates the year.


A Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him with a design of his favourite sport engraved into the glass.


The Celtic Swans are a loving reminder for a Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him.

It is important to include a Design with the words, because the text is given a 'lift' and makes the engraving look special.  there are dozens of designs for you to choose from, any of which will make your Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him really special.

All the glass engravers in the Directory are able to help you with your choice of glass or crystal and the engraving design and words.  There is no extra charge for their services, so don't be afraid to pick up the telephone and discuss your thoughts with any of them.