Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries

There’s a great selection of Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries available on all websites listed in the Directory.  From the 'Click and Buy It Now' Anniversary Gift - to a carefully thought out 'Bespoke Engraved Anniversary Gift'.

Cheap pair of Champagne Flutes for Wedding Anniversary.   Engraved 50th, Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift.

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Bespoke Engraved Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift - one of hundreds of different ideas.

Traditional Gift for Wedding Anniversary 

It has been traditional to give a gift to your wife, husband, or couple you are related to (or friends with), which is ‘symbolic’ of each Wedding Anniversary.  We list below the ‘symbols’ of Traditional Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries, the ‘symbol’ being a different ‘material’ for each year. 

Because tradition has changed over the years, there is now both a Modern and a Traditional ‘material’ or ‘symbol’ associated with each Wedding Anniversary and its associated 'Gift'. Depending on which website you visit, these are not consistent.  Also, the ‘material’ differs from country to country.  Below, we list only the Traditional Gifts. 

The fact that times are changing, makes it even more personal, as to what you give as a gift.  We think that collecting crystal is a great way to commemorate each Wedding Anniversary.

We also offer some ideas on:

Anniversary Gift for Him Anniversary Gift for Couple
Anniversary Gift for Her Anniversary Gift for Parents

List of Traditional Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries:

1st Cotton 9th Copper 25th Silver
2nd Paper 10th Aluminium or Tin 30th Pearl
3rd Leather 11th Steel 35th Coral
4th Flowers or Fruit 12th Linen or Silk 40th Ruby
5th Wood 13th Lace 45th Sapphire
6th Sugar 14th Ivory 50th Gold
7th Wool 15th Crystal 55th Emerald
8th Salt 20th China 60th Diamond

Certainly, the 14th and 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts are now illegal..!  Ivory is best not discussed here and anyone found with Coral or Sea Shells in their luggage, at point of departure from most holiday destinations, is in big trouble..!

Not all Anniversaries have a dedicated page, but you can find great Anniversary Gift ideas on the pages Anniversary Gift for Him, Anniversary Gift for Her, Anniversary Gift for Couple and Anniversary Gift for Parents.  You can buy a Gift for Wedding Anniversary, shown here as examples, or visit a website in the Directory of Glass Engravers, to see dozens of other products and ideas.

Your Gift for Wedding Anniversary will be engraved by the date you stipulate on your order and sent to any address in the world.  Make contact with any of the Glass Engravers listed, for personal and professional advice.