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The Glass Engraver

The Glass Engraver is a promotional website for customers of The Glass Scribe.  Our customers specialise in a number of different areas and, if you are looking for a really good glass engraver, you can find one on the "Glass Engravers UK" page.  All offer online shopping facilities & secure payment.

If you are a genuine trader, interested in becoming a customer of The Glass Scribe, you can find further details on The Glass Scribe website.

Most glass engravers, who produce good quality glass engraving, use a method known as sandblasting.  Some, more artistic glass engravers, engrave by hand. 

The method used for sandblast glass engraving can be found here.  You should find it quite interesting.  It is a method which takes time, but results in fine lines, deeply engraved into the glass and provides perfect accuracy for club crests on Sports Trophies, logos on Corporate Awards and designs for Wedding presents and Anniversary Gifts.


Glass engraver in UK. Online buying guide.


Hand engravers use all manner of tools in their art; and ‘art’ it is.  Often, a dentist drill is used in conjunction with a series of burrs, woods and rubber wheels.  The burrs engrave, while the woods and rubber wheels polish – anything which ‘shines’, e.g. an eye, tooth or horn of an animal – or a window in a building.  A good hand engraver produces work which can become a family heirloom or prized engraving for a board room.

The Glass Scribe

The Glass Scribe are importers and manufacturers of glass and crystal.  Based in The Highlands of Scotland, they are a family business of over 30 years.  They have an ethical approach to business and will only deal with genuine traders.  Their range of glass and crystal exceeds 1,000 product lines.

The Glass Engraver (this website) shows only The Glass Scribe products, while customers websites can show products from many other suppliers, including metal, plastic and resin trophies and awards.  Medals, ribbons and boxes are also available on some customers websites too.

 In conclusion, this website acts as a directory of talented glass engravers, offering both ‘art’ and commercial glass engraving.  Some of whom also offer traditional metal, resin and plastic trophies and awards.  All for you to purchase online, in a secure environment.