Masonic Glass

Firing Glass

Buy a Masonic Firing Glass today, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites and delivery can be made throughout the UK and worldwide.  Firing Glasses are a speciality and the ‘Balmoral Glass’ Firing Glass is mouth blown and hand finished.

The Firing Glass is packaged in a distinctive blue box, branded with the ‘Balmoral Glass’ logo with a ‘legend’ regarding the making of the Masonic Firing Glass.  Alternative packaging is available for Installation and Visitation Presentations and the Firing Glass in a Satin Lined box also features the Balmoral Glass logo and legend.

The Firing Glass is a superb piece of craftsmanship and is well weighted and balanced for its use.  When slammed down on a table, its weight will produce the desired effect every time.  The ‘Balmoral Glass’ Masonic Firing Glass holds 4oz, sufficient for a toast and equivalent to the standard liquid held in a large Shot Glass.



"Balmoral Glass" Firing Glass in blue branded box.

The ‘Balmoral Glass’ Firing Glass is beautifully packaged

Firing Glasses can be despatched to any worldwide address and The Glass Engravers Websites will correctly calculate the carriage costs for you.  You can order a single Firing Glass for a special presentation, or a consignment of Masonic Firing Glasses to equip your Lodge.

Your Lodge crest and number can be Deep Engraved into Firing Glasses, along with all the text you desire, for your special Visitation or Installation.  If your order exceeds 24 pieces of Firing Glass, we suggest you consider the option of Glass Printing, which will save considerably on cost.  The ‘frost’ colour print option looks just like engraving in colour – naturally one cannot dig ones fingernail into it, as one can with Deep Engraving.

Freemason Glass

In addition to Firing Glasses, The Glass Engravers Websites also offer many other Freemason Glass types.  Masonic Glasses, personalised for your Lodge Ladies Nights, Achievement Awards, Installations and other Masonic Presentations. 


"Balmoral Glass" Masonic Firing Glass in branded Satin Box.

The ‘Balmoral Glass’ Firing Glass also available with Satin Lined Box

Freemason Glass needs to be specially prepared for all symbols to be engraved correctly and clearly. All specialist Glass Engravers are well aware of this need and treat all artwork with great consideration.  Glass Engraving is carried out to the very highest standard and you are assured of a good job, well accomplished and delivered on time.

A popular item, for presentation as Freemason Glass and Masonic Glass generally, are Decanters and Whisky Sets.  Tankards and presentation Masonic Glass Bowls are especially well received and have a good size engraving space for the Lodge crest and appropriate wording for any Masonic Glassware presentation.  Masonic Glasses, including Whisky and Mixer Tumblers, make great Masonic Gifts.  Buy Masonic Glasses and Freemason Glass from your choice of The Glass Engraver's Websites.


 Engraved Whisky Set of Decanter and Glasses for Masonic Presentation.

The ultimate Masonic Glass Presentation is a Whisky Set