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Crystal Glf Ball on Block for engraving.

High Quality Golf Prize –

Sports Trophy available to buy now on

a Professional Glass Engraver's Website.

Sports Trophy

The Glass Engravers Websites have many hundreds of Sports Trophy ideas for you.  If you need a Sports Trophy, you can buy online and pay securely 24 hours a day.  Your personalized Sports Trophy can be delivered throughout the UK or even worldwide.

If you are looking for a high quality Sports Trophy, you have come to the right place.  The Glass Engravers listed in the Directory offer a great number of high quality glass and crystal Sports Trophy selections.

If you are looking for a budget priced or cheap Sports Trophy, again, the listed Glass Engravers offer great value Sports Trophy selections too.

Glass Trophy

The Glass Engravers Websites specialise in Glass Trophies and Glass Awards. Possibly the largest range of trophies in the UK is available to you.  There is also a good range of budgets catered for, so if you are looking for an inexpensive glass trophy, or a prestige glass award, you will be sure to find it.  Over 1,000 different Glass Trophies are shown online, along with current stock levels.  You can purchase online, securely, or make contact with the Glass Engravers of your choice, for friendly, professional service.  Your Glass Trophy will be bespoke engraved by professional glass engravers, to your specifications.  Naturally, Glass Engraving is a speciality of all Glass Engravers and ideas and guidance can be sought from any of them.  Delivery to any UK address (or worldwide) is made in a timely fashion, to suit your needs.  A glass trophy in the shape of a Football, Golf Balls and even a Skittle are available from The Glass Engravers Websites.  There is also a choice of superb Glass Trophy shapes in the form of Chalices and Trophy Cups.  The Glass Engravers can handle large orders and stock holding is excellent, with current stock levels being shown on their Websites.  The quality of engraving is also excellent, with deep, crisp quality Glass Engraving as standard.


Bespoke engraved Hole in One Golf Prize.

A beautiful Glass Trophy for a

Hole in One Golfing Prize

Crystal Trophy

A very large range of Crystal Trophies is available to you to buy online from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  An Optical Crystal Trophy, in the form of a Football in Hand or Football on Base look superb.  The same kind of crystal trophy is available in the form of a Golf Ball.  All sports are catered for in Crystal Trophies, by deep engraving your Club’s crest, or a design depicting the sport and the name of your club into the crystal.  The appropriate text can be added, to make your trophies bespoke.  There are Lead Crystal Sports Trophies available in abundance, in the shape of Crystal Tumblers, Wine Glasses, Decanters and Sports Trophies too.  Simply select your choice of The Glass Engraver's Website for the best range of Crystal Trophies and place your order online or contact them by email or ‘phone, for friendly, professional advice.  Your order will be delivered anywhere in the UK, or worldwide, on time, to your specification.



Crystal Sports Medal for engraving.

A Crystal Trophy

Optical Crystal Medal

Trophy Engraving

The Glass Engravers in the Directory are all experts in Glass Engraving and Crystal Engraving.  Select your Glass Engraver for the form of Trophy Engraving you require.  A Hand Engraver will cost a little more than a Sandblast Engraver, but you pay the extra for their art.  Trophy Engraving is carried out to the highest possible standard, with your club crest and associated text deeply engraved into the glass or crystal.  The finish is crisp and even, giving a correct representation of the design.  If your club does not have a crest, one can be made from the hundreds of different sporting designs, combined with the name of your club.  Trophy Engraving by sandblasting is the most faithful way of representing your club crest and looks far nicer than most other forms of Trophy Engraving.  Your Glass Trophy or Crystal Trophy will be enhanced by The Glass Engraver of your choice, whose Trophy Engraving skills are amongst the best in the industry.



Glass Engraving for a Sports Trophy.

The very best Trophy Engraving

by Sandblast Engraving

Football Trophy

A single Football Trophy, Football Trophies for a whole league or Football Medals are a speciality Sports Trophy range for the listed Glass Engravers in the Directory.  All offer a superb range of glass and crystal and some offer Football Trophies in Resin, Metals, Plastics and other materials.  They offer great value and it’s worth your time to take a look.  Select your Glass Engraver's Website from either the closest to you, or one who specialises in Football Trophies.  A Football Trophy in Optical Crystal looks simply stunning and there is a selection to choose from, including a Football in Hand and a Football on Base – one of which weighs 25Kgs! Your Football Trophies can be delivered to any UK address, or worldwide!  The engraving of your Football Trophy will be carried out to the highest standard, by experts in their field.  You can buy your trophies online today and pay securely.  Every Football Trophy has its current stock figure shown and you can be sure that the stock availability is correct.



Full size crystal football on base.

This Football Trophy

weighs 25Kgs!