Employee Recognition Awards

Visit a Glass Engraver's Website to view a marvellous range of Glass and Crystal, suitable for an Employee Recognition Award.  Engraved with your corporate logo and suitable text, Engraved Glass and Crystal make memorable Employee Recognition Awards.

Employee Recognition Awards

Employee recognition awards are the way to recognise the achievements of staff and the contribution staff make to a business in a number of different ways.  Recognising staff formally, acknowledging the contribution of their work towards the achievements of the business and awarding them for additional efforts at a formal occasion, the presentation of employee recognition awards achieves many things for a business.

At a higher level, managers may be informally thanked by the executives, for completing work on time and to specification.  In turn, good managers, seeking the ongoing support of their staff, reward them in a pre-appointed manner, at a corporate function.  It is important that the staff who have been seen to have applied themselves, are rewarded with an employee recognition award, which compliments the value of the input by the employee.


Optical Crystal book shape, engraved for Employee Recognition Award.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal Book.

Individuals and teams of employees should be rewarded in the same method of recognition. Recognising the excellence of performance, the manager who assesses the performance input, towards achieving the goals set, may either complete the decision making process themselves, or put the final decision to a vote – a nomination by their peers.  Visit a Glass Engraver's website today, for ideas.

GDP and the workplace

While it is important to look after GDP (Gross Domestic Product), arguably, it is as important to reward those employees who help achieve the plans and aspirations of the business. Past President of the USA, Robert Kennedy, said GDP measured everything "except that which makes life worthwhile".  It is formal recognition for a job well done, which makes life worthwhile.  Recognition, via formally presented employee recognition awards, asserts that the employee has been recognised and suitably awarded. A more important investment in the future of the business and the support by that employee is difficult to imagine.  Summed up by David Cameron, Prime Minister, "the country would be better off if we thought about well-being as well as economic growth".

Retention and Absenteeism

Retaining staff makes good sense, simply due to the high costs of hiring and training new employees. The cost to a business through absenteeism is also high.  Valuing staff and rewarding them through a recognised employee recognition award scheme makes far more sense – and gives better value for the business.  Visit a Glass Engraver's Website today, for ideas.

Range of Employees Recognition Awards

 Crystal & Chrome Award, engraved for Employee Recognition Award.
 Hand Made "Ice Block" Coaster, engraved for Employee Recognition Award.  Collectible engraved Wine Glass Employee Recognition Award.

Optical Crystal ‘Star’ Award, an excellent ‘one off’ employee recognition award.

Hand Made Coaster, with certificate of authenticity. Ideal collectible employee award

‘Balmoral Glass’ Red Wine, ideal collectible employee recognition award.

The Glass Engravers Websites offer many different employee recognition awards.  Some are ‘one off’ formal presentation pieces.  Others are collectible items, ensuring ongoing commitment. Select an engraver from the map or list, according to your requirements.