Dealer of The Year Awards

Dealer of The Year Award

Find your perfect Dealer of The Year Award at one of The Glass Engraver’s websites. Dealer of The Year Awards are usually presented to dealers of vehicles.  From cars and motorcycles to vans and tractors.  Manufacturers look for excellence in customer satisfaction and customer service.  It is therefore the sales team within a dealership, which come to the fore when being awarded this type of award.

More often, it is becoming the remit of the team that develops websites, who come to the limelight.  The world is turning to purchasing via the internet.  An easy to navigate and fully comprehensive website has become the vehicle (no pun intended) for both serious buyers and those seeking information.  

Dealers are the lifelines of manufacturers.  Without them, the manufacturer dies.  It takes time and money to find a dealer, suitable to integrate within an existing network.  Therefore, it is imperative that the manufacturer lays down criteria for the selection of a Dealer of The Year, in advance, so that all dealerships have a direction to follow and can appraise their employees of their intentions.


Engraved Crystal Dealer of the Year Award.

Dealer of The Year Award – WhiteFire Optical Crystal, deep engraved, packaged in velvet.

Franchisee of The Year Award

Any form of manufacturing, which effectively ‘franchises’ its product’s sales, supplies dealerships - and dealers are competitive by nature.  The winning of awards becomes an important feature of their curriculum.  Dealerships today are often confused with ‘franchises’.  The latter has less latitude in terms of the products it can buy in and the promotions it can run.  But there is no difference, when considering ‘Dealer of The Year’ and ‘Franchisee of The Year’.  Both run a business, with written agreements, involving a manufacturer’s products.  It is therefore in the manufacturer’s interests to award and reward the dealer or franchisee for supreme effort.  The effort can be in customer service, an excellence in website design, both – and more besides.  Good dealers and franchisees are difficult to find, expensive to recruit & train and it therefore makes sense to look after them.


Flat glass award, engraved for Dealer of the year Award.

Dealer of The Year – WhiteFire Optical Crystal, deep engraved & packaged in velvet.