Industry Awards

One of the biggest Industry Awards ceremonies is the UK IT Industry Awards, a benchmark for outstanding performance, throughout the UK computer industry.  Your industry may be an entirely different one, with fewer categories, or more, than the 23 boasted by the UK IT Industry.  None-the-less, it is important to commemorate each success, with a presentation piece that will be remembered.

Prestigious presentation glass and crystal, deep engraved to commemorate your Industry Awards ceremony are available from The Glass Engraver’s Websites.  Solid, pieces of WhiteFire optical crystal, or Rock Tablets, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland, all beautifully packaged and deep engraved with the industry logo and suitable text.  Over 1,000 different product lines are available to buy online, or telephone / email for friendly, professional assistance.


A "Strathmore" glass award, engraved for an Industry Award.

A "Rock Tablet" glass award, engraved for an Industry Award.

Businesses entering Industry Awards can highlight their successes and achievements during the previous year.  Winning an award can provide a major boost to their corporate profile and the accolade can increase business opportunities in the future.  Simply entering and being listed, allows a business within the industry to showcase what they offer and can increase the visibility of the business.  Increasing the visibility of the business by entering for Industry Awards does not begin and end at showcasing products; it can also attract highly qualified potential employees.  Rewarding excellence, Industry Awards acknowledge materials usage, design and manufacturing innovations too.

More recently, staff training and environmental performance are also taken into account.  Looking after employees and their welfare while at work has an ever-growing importance in the marketplace.  Actually ‘listening’ to employees and acting responsibly towards them has lead to better staff retention.  In turn, also looking after the environment and improving ethical responsibility are seen to be the way forward for large companies.  Industry Awards are in abundance for both genres.


"Glen Afric" crystal award, engraved for Industry Award.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal 'Glen Afric' award, engraved for an Industry Award.

Companies demonstrating innovative products or services generally win Industry Awards.  Many Industry Awards also offer medals, as well as having an outright winner.  The Glass Engraver’s Websites offer medal winners awards as well as more prestigious awards, for your selection.