Sales Awards

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Sales Awards

Sales Awards celebrate the growth of businesses at all levels.  From telephone and field sales people to customer services, support and management, all categories of sales people can enter and expect to win Sales Awards or medals.  The best of individual salespeople, teams of sales executives, as well as sales directors are able to showcase their contribution and impact of their efforts, educating the wider community about their qualities and characters.

National, regional and inter-company Sales Awards are entered by many thousands of sales people in the UK, all hoping for recognition for their efforts in the previous year.  They train hard, learning presentation skills, how to progress sales from start to finish and work with both their own team and management. 


Engraved glass plaque Sales Award.

Engraved glass plaque Sales Award.

Results are measured with regard to both financial success and the continuing loyalty of customers.

The Best Sales Awards

The best Sales Awards are made from glass and crystal, deep engraved with the logo of the commissioning body and appropriate text to commemorate the name of the award, year and recipient’s name. 

The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) is the worldwide representative body for salespeople.  Founded in 1911, is the custodian of sales standards, ethics and best practice.  They are the only membership body recognised by the UK Government regulatory body Ofqual, as an awarding organisation to offer qualifications in Sales, Marketing and Sales Management.  The ISMM offer the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (BESMA), inviting organisations to enter their sales teams for the award.

Organisations are increasingly building Sales Awards programmes into their marketing and public relations plans, because they know that it will help to attract more business.  Customers like to do business with award winning companies, because it builds awareness and trust.

  Optical Crystal block, engraved for Sales Award.

Staff too, feel a sense of pride and motivation when involved in the sales award process.  Sales awards help companies focus on improving their products and services through innovation, while keeping their eye on an overall prize.  It makes sense to win awards and ensure sales people win awards.  The Glass Engraver’s Websites provide just the right style of glass and crystal sales awards.