Commemorative Plaques & Commercial Signs

Commemorative Plaques and Commercial Signs can be purchased from your choice of The Glass Engraver WebsitesEngraved to your specifications, in accordance with your order placed online. Or, contact the Glass Engraver of your choice, for friendly, professional service from beginning to delivery.

Commemorative Plaques

The opening of a new building is often noted by the unveiling of a Commemorative Plaque.  Members of the Royal Family, a great privilege and honour, sometimes open prestigious buildings.  Quite often, a person from the world of stage or shows will open a building, by unveiling the Commemorative Plaque, or cutting tape.

Modern buildings need a modern slant on the design of Commemorative Plaque, to be in keeping with the architecture.  That’s where an Ice Block Plaque comes into consideration.  Stylish and made in Scotland, it is a Commemorative Plaque or Commercial Sign that sets a new level in building decoration.  There is ample space for the corporate logo, school coat of arms or heraldic design.  The text usually commemorates the person opening the building and the date. 

   Commemorative Plaque in glass mounted on wood.Can be hung in either Portrait or Landscape format and engraved to your specifications.

Commercial Signs

Our example, right, shows that Ice Block plaques can also be used as Commercial Signs within a building.  These Commercial Signs, engraved to your specification, can be purchased from The Glass Engraver’s Websites – or make contact with your local engraver to discuss your needs.

Of course, a Commemorative Plaque is not just for buildings.  Bridges and Tunnels are also monumental structures and often opened by nobility.  And Commemorative Plaques are not always screwed or fixed to a wall; they are often presented to the owner of the building – for a boardroom or the person unveiling the plaque – as a memento of the unveiling of the main Commemorative Plaque.

This black mirror Commemorative Plaque has been photo-engraved with the image of a bridge, then ‘washed’ with silver colour, enhancing the image. Available in portrait or landscape orientation and with silver barrels to make them self-supporting, these Commemorative Plaques are very modern and stylish.  You can view them on your selected Glass Engraver Website and buy today, or contact a professional ‘real life person’, to assist you with your purchase and look after your order from start to finish.

   Commercial Sign engraved in glass.