Star Awards

Do you have a ‘Star’ in your business or charity?  Someone who really ‘shines’ because of their unstinting attitude to their work?  If so, they deserve one of The Glass Engraver’s  ‘Star Awards’.  There are lots to choose from, all of which can be found on your selected Glass Engraver's Website.

Star Awards

In the UK, Star Awards are awarded throughout the awards industry.  The ‘One in a Million’ charity Stars Awards ceremony is the charity’s biggest event of the year, honouring and rewarding the achievements of the young people of Bradford. 

In USA, there are simply dozens of different Star Awards presented annually.  The American Star Awards are presented to the ‘best of the best’, those who have mastered the skills of Farming, Agriculture, Agribusiness and Agriscience.  The AONTAS Star Awards showcase teamwork and recognise the adult learning initiatives of nationwide communities. 

International Star Awards include The STM Star Awards, which reward excellence for business performance in the international education industry.  Another is the Green Star Awards, a joint initiative between the UN Environment Programme, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Green Cross International, recognising those who have made remarkable efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to environmental disasters around the world.

Optical Crystal Star Awards

Wedge shape crystal star award, engraved.   Single Star on block of crystal. Star Award.   Two crystal stars on block of crystal. For engraving.   Three crystal Stars mounted on block of crystal. Star Award.

From left, above:  The Wedge Block Star Award, The Single Mega Star Award, The Double Mega Star Award and the Triple Mega Star Award.

Sloping Star shaped block of crystal for engraving.   Standing Crystal Star Award. For engraving.   Crystal Star Award. Flat Crystal Award, for engraving.   Crystal Award with Chrome Star. For engraving.

From left, above:  The Sloping Star Award, The Standing Star Award, The Star Tablet Award and the Southern Star Award.

All the above eight Star Awards are manufactured from WhiteFire Optical Crystal and packaged in velvet lined caskets.  WhiteFire is the purest of optical crystal, used in the manufacture of high quality camera lenses and microscopes.  Unlike inferior qualities, it will not ‘yellow’ with age.  The packaging is also of high quality, with lids that close with the ‘clunk’ of a Rolls Royce car.  You can find all these products on The Glass Engraver’s Websites.  Your selected Glass Engraver will help you with design layouts for Deep Engraving and at every step of the way, through to on time delivery.

Chrome Star on Crystal Block Award. For engraving.   Wedge Shaped Crystal Block Award, with Chrome Star.   Crystal block Award with chrome star. For engraving.   Black & clear crystal star award, for engraving.

From left, above:  The Opal Star Award, The Circle + Chrome Star Award, The Wedge Star Award and the Shooting Star Award.

The above four Star Awards are made from WhiteFire Optical Crystal and packaged in a velvet lined caskets.  Branded ‘Fusion Crystal’, due to the introduction of high quality Chrome or, in the instance of the Shooting Star Award, pure black optical crystal.  WhiteFire is manufactured from K9 quality, the finest quality optical crystal, which is used to manufacture high quality optical appliances.  The packaging is similarly high quality, with lids that close with a ‘clunk’.