Crystal Vases

Crystal Vases are extremely popular as Gifts.  A Crystal Vase can be engraved to commemorate any occasion and look superb when filled with flowers.  If you are looking for a Crystal Vase UK, then you can select from any of The Glass Engraver’s Websites, order online and have your Crystal Vase, either plain or as an Engraved Crystal Vase, delivered to any UK address, or indeed, worldwide.

There is a selection of heavyweight Crystal Vases to choose from.  A favourite is the one on the right, the 10” (25cm) Smile Vase.  This Crystal Vase is so named because the top resembles a smiling face, ensuring anyone will have a happy experience receiving it..!  An important factor in your selection of a Crystal Vase is weight.

Weight of Crystal Vases

The weight is often determined by the wall thickness of the Crystal Vase.  The 10” Smile Vase, above, has a wall thickness of 7mm (1/4”), which adds considerably to the weight.  In addition to making the glass feel valuable to hold, it aids stability when full of flowers.  A further factor in adding to the weight of a Crystal Vase is the addition of Lead Oxide to the glass batch.  The Smile Vase is not the only Crystal Vase to have these factors; there are a number of different designs and sizes in The Glass Engraver range, available from The Glass Engraver Websites.


10" Bohemia Crystal "Smile" Vase.  A heavyweight vase.

The Bohemia Crystal 'Smile' Vase

Clarity and Colour of Crystal Vases

To hold up a Crystal Vase and see a clarity of Crystal means that the glass (essentially made from sand) has had all the Iron removed.  With a Crystal Vase, it also means that further oxides have been added to the glassmaker’s ingredients.  In particular, Lead Oxide, or Potash, Barium or Zinc.  Additional clarity aids refraction.  Think of a pyramid and the manner in which light enters one side and comes out the other in lots of different colours, just like a rainbow.  That is what refraction does.  And so it is, with any high quality Crystal Vase.  Clarity aids the passing of light, giving the vase ‘colour’.

Engraved Crystal Vase

There are few nicer gifts or presentations one can make, than a thoughtfully Engraved Crystal Vase.  A practical gift, which can be displayed easily and with pride.  Full of flowers, an Engraved Crystal Vase looks stunning.


 "Emozioni" Crystal Vase, engraved for a darts trophy.

Engraved Crystal Vase

Empty, it is a blank canvas for a message.  You can buy an Engraved Crystal Vase today, by visiting one of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Select a suitable design or upload your own and add text in a selection of styles.  Engraved Crystal Vase UK delivered – or worldwide.

Cut Crystal Vase

Cut Crystal is usually Lead Crystal, which has been cut on a cutters wheel.  A Cut Crystal Vase looks beautiful when lighted, because the cuts act as prisms, refracting light and turning it into colour.  The Glass Engraver  Websites have a number of styles and sizes of Cut Crystal Vases to offer you.  Some have a Panel of plain crystal, ready for engraving.  Others are Fully Cut, not suitable for engraving but making excellent Gifts.