RAF Plaques

Buy RAF Plaques today, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  You can also buy RAF Gifts, RAF Station Plaques and RAF Squadron Plaques.

Buy an RAF Plaque, which is unique in every way, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  Ice Block Plaques are a combination of wood and 12mm thick glass with rugged edges, which are smooth to touch.  The wood and glass are separated by stainless steel barrels and fastened with mirror screws.  The distance between them allows for easy cleaning and sets off the white of the engraving on the RAF Plaque. 

Ideal for Deep Engraving, each RAF Plaque can be personalised with the Station or Squadron crest and appropriate wording.  Crests that have a lot of graphic detail can be treated specially, by ‘halftone’ engraving.  Many thousands of engraved dots are engraved.  The closer together, the more white, the further apart, the more black.  By varying this, a true representation of the crest can be made in the glass, in a greyscale format.  These RAF Plaques look fantastic!


RAF Plaque, engraved for presentation ceremony.

RAF Plaques can be Horizontal or Vertical

RAF Plaques – RAF Station Plaques – RAF Squadron Plaques can be delivered anywhere in the world.  Select your choice of Glass Engraver and either place your order online, or make contact by ‘phone or email for personal service.  The engraver will tend to your order personally and can provide you with a proof of engraving if required, so that you are assured of your RAF Plaque specification.