20th (China) Wedding Anniversary Gift

Champagne Flutes. Gift for 20th Wedding Anniversary.

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A large range of both inexpensive and bespoke 20th Anniversary Gifts are available to buy online from a Directory of Professional Glass Engravers.

Either as an inexpensive 20th Anniversary Gift, or as an additional Celebratory Extra, may we recommend the inexpensive Champagne Flutes, printed with design and words commemorating the event. Packaged in a branded silver colour rigid box, from the Crystal Gifts range, they are even suitable for popping straight into the post without additional wrapping.

Made from Crystal~Glass, these Claudia Champagne Flutes are excellent value-for-money and will help make the 20th Anniversary party get off to a grand start.  The printing is hard-wearing but not recommended for dish-washing.

A multitude of different ideas for bespoke engraved 20th Anniversary Gifts are available from all the websites in the Directory.  We list a few, below, to give you an idea of what can be achieved in glass and crystal.

Engraved Wine Glass. 20th Anniversary Gift for her.

Schott Zwiesel high quality wine glass.


20th (China) Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her:

Of course, you may want to select a piece of China for your lady for her 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift.  But China is not as good as glass and crystal for Personalising.

We think the idea of a special piece of crystal, deep engraved with a suitable design and message is the clear winner for your 20th Anniversary Gift.

If your lady likes to drink wine, we think a special wine glass is a great idea.  A design can be selected from the dozens of Engraving Designs and there’s a choice of Fonts too, in all the websites in The Directory.

One of the best ideas we have ever seen is a wine glass with lots of famous quotes engraved around it. Here’s a link to give you some ideas - Wine Quotes - the glass on the left is a beautiful 14oz Schott Zwiesel wine glass, giving plenty of room for lots of engravings.

Engraved Whisky set. 20th Anniversary Gift for Him.

Panelled Crystal is ideal for engraving your Anniversary message.


20th (China) Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him:

The Satin Boxed Decanter Set could also be a Wedding Anniversary Gift For a Couple.  But for the Spirit Drinker, this superb Inverness Crystal Whisky Set makes a grand 20th Anniversary Gift.

The Decanter has 3 sides cut, with the 4th side offering a blank canvas for your choice of engraving design and words to commemorate the occasion.

You will find plenty of designs to choose from on websites in the Directory and a good selection of different styles of lettering too.

The Tumblers can either have ‘Panels’ of clear crystal or be Fully Cut.  If you elect to have the panelled version, they can be engraved with your choice of design or design and words.  What about having the couple’s Monograms engraved?

Engraved Crystal Stars. 20th Anniversary Gift for a Couple..

WhiteFire Optical Crystal with lots of engraving space.


20th (China) Wedding Anniversary Gift for a Couple:

A beautiful piece of WhiteFire Optically Perfect Crystal, in the shapes of two Stars mounted on a block of crystal.

Engraved on the block - “For Two Stars – On their 20th Wedding Anniversary” and, on the Stars, the names of the couple, deep engraved into the crystal.

It is often the unusual which is the most striking and therefore the more memorable.  This unusual idea is presented in a blue velvet lined casket, which closes with the ‘clunk’ of a Rolls Royce door.  And, emblazoned on the outside is the WhiteFire logo, symbolising quality of materials.

For quality of service and engraving, select a Professional Glass Engraver from the Directory.  You will receive friendly advice too, if you need assistance.