Anniversary Gift for Her

Visit the Directory of Glass Engravers to buy an inexpensive pair of Champagne Flutes specially printed - or an engraved Crystal Heart,  for an Anniversary Gift for Her - or view hundreds of different ideas for a specially engraved Gift for Her Anniversary.

Special Anniversary Gift for Her

Below, are some special glass and crystal pieces, which look stunning when engraved to celebrate a Wedding Anniversary and are perfect for an "Anniversary Gift for Her".

There are many beautiful, yet affordable, Anniversary Gifts for Her.  Deep engraved with your personal message, they become highly treasured and displayed with pride.

A Vase, perhaps with a bouquet of her favourite flowers.  An item for her desk, in the form of a clock set into a wedge shaped piece of crystal.  Give her your Heart!  Engraved already in the Gifts range.  Or, many ladies like wine.  The Inverness Crystal wine decanter is presented in its own branded satin lined box and makes an ideal Anniversary Gift for Her.


Solid WhiteFire Crystal Heart, deep engraved with "Happy Anniversary". An ideal Anniversary gift for her.

Inexpensive, but High Quality, Solid Crystal Heart. Ideal for a Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her, just 'Click & Buy'.  Or, purchase a bespoke engraved piece, simply choose the 'plain' heart (found in the category 'Optical Crystal' and then 'Desktop') and provde you own text and choose from a range of designs to be engraved for the special lady in your life!

WhiteFire Wedge Clock, can be deep engraved with your bespoke message, makes a superb Anniversary Gift for Her   Inverness Crystal Wine Decanter in Satin Box, can be deep engraved with your own personal message, perfect Gift for Her Anniversary.   Large selection of Vases to choose from to be engraved with a personal message for her annivarsary gift

WhiteFire Optical Crystal - deep engraved with your message, celebrating the time you share together, makes an ideal Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her.


Inverness Crystal Wine Decanter in Satin Box, with a clear panel for your deep engraved message, keep the love and life flowing, a Gift for Her Anniversary.


A range of Vases, either 'Panelled' or 'Plain' both are suitable for engraving with your personal message for her Anniversary Gift

Engraving a Special Anniversary Gift for Her

Here are some ideas for Words to engrave on your choice of glass or crystal.  There are plenty of Engraving Designs to choose from and different text styles (fonts) too.  Find a Glass Engraver who specialises, or one geographically close to you in the Directory of Glass Engravers:

Engraved 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her.


Butterfly and Ribbons design, with suitable text, makes a superb engraving layout on crystal for an 11th Anniversary Gift for Her.


A Heart Shape makes a good 'frame' for words, to be engraved into crystal for her Anniversary Gift.


Frame your message in flowers for your Anniversary Gift for Her.

Lots of Different Designs available.


Lots of Different Text Styles available.


Wrap your thoughts in a Heart.


Frame your message in flowers for your Anniversary Gift for Her

It is always a good idea to incorporate a Design into the engraving, because it 'lifts' the words and makes the engraving really stand out.  Above, you can see that there are layouts which are suitable for any Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her.  There is also a specially worded one, celebrating an 11th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her, that design can be altered for any Wedding Anniversary too!

Whether your needs are for a 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her, a 2nd, 3rd or 33rd Anniversary Gift for Her, you are sure to find what you are looking for by visiting the website of your choice - find one now in the Directory.  Your Gift for Her Anniversary can be delivered anywhere, worldwide.