Employee of The Month

You can view a large range of Glass and Crystal, suitable for engraving with your corporate logo and accompanying text, on The Glass Engravers Websites. An Employee of The Month Award is presented by management, to recognise the efforts of an employee, for their outstanding work as an employee.  

The company can display a plaque and a record of each Employee and Month can be engraved on it, after each presentation of a simple document or certificate.  A ‘take-home’ memento of the occasion is generally more acceptable for the employee who wins employee of the month.

It is generally a good idea to document the reasons for each award being won and even to publicise the management’s criteria on what an employee needs to do to attain such an award.  Under such measurable circumstances, it is prudent to award any and all employees who attain the required level for employee of the month.

Simply recognising the efforts of employees is a positive business decision, which pays dividends for both employee and employer.  The employee, by continuously repeating the effort it took to attain an Employee of The Month Award, will continue to reap the reward of their efforts. In turn, the employer will benefit, not only by incentivising their workforce, but in ensuring continuity of service and eliminating absenteeism.  Both are expensive to a business, in terms of the cost of hiring and lost days production.


Engraved glass Employee of the Month Award.

Special plaque, for Employee of The Month Award.  Also consider using ‘collectibles’ – see Employee Recognition Awards.


Employee of The Month Awards need to have a ‘wow’ factor and be seen to be worthwhile working extra hard to attain.  A simple ‘certificate’ alone is recognition, but one cannot display it, without the additional effort of having it framed.  The award needs to be able to be displayed on a wall, desk or cabinet.  The award is the ‘fulcrum’ of a positive morale in the workplace and needs to be carefully considered.

The Glass Engraver’s Websites have a large range of Employee of The Month Awards.  Awards that may be used as single ‘record keeping’ pieces for the workplace – and awards that are eminently collectible, thus ensuring continued effort on behalf of the recipient.