Employee of The Year Awards

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Employee of the Year Awards are an extension of Employee of the Month Awards, but, due to being annual awards, are far more prestigious. They can be awarded to more than one employee, providing all recipients have reached a specified criterion. However, under such circumstances, it may be desirable to vote for an overall winner.  Nominations can be sought from peers of the employee, customers, suppliers etc;.  Thus, an exemplary employee of the year award can be presented as an overall winner’s prize.

Employee of The Year Awards should aim to recognise outstanding contributions or achievements of employees throughout the year and can be supported by achievements recorded by Employee of The Month Awards.  It is a time for employers to recognise the employees who have added to the growth of a business.


Engraved glass Employee of the Year Award.

Hand made Rock
Tablet Award, with
certificate of authenticity.

Employees need a formal directive to enable them to follow its directions and head in the correct direction with the aim of winning the award. Without clear standards, employees will lose direction and the essential desire will be lacking, eliminating the primary reasons for holding the ceremony.  For example, the award for employee of the year could be made to “the employee showing initiative, excellence in customer care, product knowledge and commitment to the business”.

Awards for Employee of The Year can include a framed certificate, a trophy, money, presentation at an awards ceremony and a chance to become overall employee of the year. The trophy is always important and The Glass Engraver’s Websites list a number of suppliers of employee of the year awards.


Diamond-shaped engraved glass Eployee of the Year Award.

Rock Tablets are hand
of Scotland

An awards scheme motivates employees to perform better and increases staff retention.  It can also be reported in local press, increasing the profile of the company. For employees and employers, an employee of the year award is a win-win situation. Hiring employees costs money, training them costs money and retaining them is therefore prudent.  Cutting down on absenteeism is all employers’ dream and long-term benefits can be gauged by implementing an employee of the year award scheme, along with all the trappings.  Start your search by visiting a Glass Engraver’s Website.


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