Long Service Awards

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Long Service Awards Facts

Staff are the mainstay of any business.  Upon completion of a number of years service, working under the banner of a business, it is beneficial to award employees with Long Service Awards.  But, it is wise to beware the possibility of being brought to book with a discriminatory case against age regulations.  It is important to demonstrate that you have actively thought through how your Long Service Awards comply with age discrimination regulations, should you be the subject of an enquiry.  Note that this is not the case for the first 5 years of an employee’s employment.

To avoid such a case, it is important to demonstrate that the intention of presenting Long Service Awards is to 'reward loyalty', 'encourage motivation' or 'recognise the experience of workers'.  One could, arguably, add ‘staff retention’ to the list.

Reward Loyalty

When an employee has consistently worked to the best of their ability over a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 year period, it is good to show, publicly, that their loyalty is rewarded.  The employee feels valued and the business appreciates the contribution the employee has made towards the success of the business.

Encourage Motivation

Look after employees the same way they are expected to look after customers.  Celebrating the success and longitude of employees, is vital to the moral of the team.  Show all employees, that members of the team, who consistently perform over a period of time, are being officially recognised with Long Service Awards.  The effect on the team will be that of encouraging motivation, to emulate the same consistent effort over a period of time.

Recognise The Experience of Workers

It is not an easy time for sales people in particular at present.  Therefore, it is important that managers consider the economic climate, when they are setting sales targets and objectives.  Despite that, it is important to recognise the experience of workers and work with them by equipping them with the right tools for the job.  Listening to the employees experiences and launching product lines that employees tell you they can sell.  When they do succeed, reward those sales in particular with Sales Awards.  Long term, those employees that continuously provide feedback can be rewarded with Long Service Awards – not necessarily at the ‘expected’ 5, 10, 15 year breaks.

Long Service Awards Ideas

The best types of Long Service Awards are the ones that can be taken home, displayed with pride and shared with the employees’ family.  The Glass Engraver’s  Websites have lots of different ideas for family orientated awards.  Click here to view a list of  Websites and select the one closest, or one that specialises, in Long Service Awards and Corporate Awards.  Long Service Awards are available in many different shapes, sizes and costs from The Glass Engraver Websites.  Your Long Service Awards selection can be made from Bowls, Whisky Sets, Plaques, Blocks of Crystal, Jade Awards and curved Frames.

This superb Rock Tablet is named Ben Wyvis.  Hand made in The Highlands of Scotland, the unique edges are rugged looking, yet smooth as silk to touch.

Eminently suitable as Long Service Awards, this one commemorates 25 Years Service for a large corporate body.

Each Rock Tablet is packaged in a beautiful rigid blue box, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, rolled up and tied with a tartan ribbon, guaranteeing its provenance.

Whether your needs are for a 5 Year Service Award, 10 Year Service Award, 15 Year Service Award or, like this one, a 25 Year Service Award, Rock Tablets make beautiful presentation pieces, to be displayed with pride.

  "Rock Tablet" engraved glass Long Service Award.
Lead Crystal Whisky Glass, engraved for Long Service Award.  

Long Service Awards do not need to be hugely expensive, providing they are deep engraved, commemorating the occasion.

They will be held in far more perceived value, than an item which could be given as any gift.

  Cut Crystal Whisky Glass, engraved for Long Service Award.133218

These simple whisky tumblers, deep engraved and nicely boxed, commemorate 20 year service award and 40 year service award.