Retirement Gifts

Engraved Retirement Gift

Retirement Gifts are amongst the most difficult things to buy, but remember that everyone loves glass and crystal.  Deeply engraved glass and engraved crystal make stunning retirement gifts for men and women.  The Glass Engraver’s Websites offer a huge range of Retirement Gifts at prices to suit your budget.  Deliveries are made anywhere in the UK, when and where you need your retirement present delivered.

Retirement Gift UK

On the right is an Ice Block Tablet, hand made in the Highlands of Scotland which includes a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its provenance.  Boxed is a distinctive rigid blue box, it makes a superb Retirement Gift or Retirement Present when engraved with suitable words and logo, crest or design.


Engraved glass retirement gift. BoxedIce Block, engraved for a man's Retirement Gift.

Rock Tablet Retirement Gift

Glass and crystal can be deep engraved with your choice of design – your corporate logo, club crest or something more personal maybe?  There’s dozens of designs to choose from.  Then you need to tackle the appropriate words to be engraved.  That’s where you can get help to design the perfect Retirement Present.  The Glass Engraver’s are helpful, professional people, who can be contacted by ‘phone or email.  Once you have made your selection of Glass Engraver, they will become your contact for help and assistance from helping to design your Retirement Gift, to ensuring your gift is delivered on time, to the address specified, anywhere in the UK.



Engraved glass plaque and pen, for Retirement Gift.

Rock Tablet, engraved for a Retirement Gift, from a Bank.

Retirement Gifts for Women

There is a large selection of Retirement Gifts for women, all available on The Glass Engraver’s Websites.  From the humble tea-light holder, to the most prestigious perfume bottles and beautiful fruit bowls, you will be spoiled for choice..!

Retirement Gifts for Men

A great selection of Retirement Gifts for men is available on The Glass Engraver’s Websites.  There are gifts to suit all budgets, from the humble Tankard, to Whisky Sets and large pieces of WhiteFire Optical Crystal.

Retirement Gifts for Colleagues

Selecting a gift for a colleague who is retiring can be a difficult time. Retiring is not the ‘end of the road’ though! There are great times ahead for most retirees and, far from being ‘over the hill’ or ‘past it’, many are using their retirements as a time for a ‘second wind’, taking up a new hobby or interest and throwing themselves into it.  Taking time to visit places they have dreamed of.  Perhaps bear these things in mind when you instruct your Glass Engraver with the words to be engraved on your special Retirement Gift or Retirement Present.


"Rock Tablet" plaque, engraved for a man's retirement gift.

A "Rock Tablet" plaque, photo-engraved for a man's Retirement Gift from an Oil Company.

Photo-engraved Retirement Gift. Plaque in a box.

Rock Tablet plaque, engraved for a Retirement Gift.


Think about the good times that your colleague is about to have, now that work and its daily routines are behind them.  Think about the places they may travel to, or the new hobby, perhaps getting to know that new DSLR Camera they bought a while ago – who knows, they may go on to win competitions with it..!

How about buying them a pair of Champagne Flutes, suitably engraved, in a special satin box and then inserting their favourite wine or bottle of champagne, to get their new lives started?!


Champagne & two engraved Flutes for a Retirement Gift.

Bottle of Champagne and two engraved Champagne Flutes for a Retirement Gift.