Whisky Set

Buy a Whisky Set from any of The Glass Engravers Websites today.  There is a good variety of Whisky Sets to choose from, with a Decanter and either 2 or 4 Tumblers.

Whisky Sets in Many Forms

We have separated Satin Lined Boxed Decanter Sets from Whisky Sets, which have a wood tray.  Whisky Sets are supplied with either a 'Figure of Eight' tray or a 'Hide' tray.  A 'Figure of Eight' tray holds a Decanter and two Tumblers and a 'Hide' tray holds a Decanter and four Tumblers.

All Whisky Sets are available in either Crystal Glass, which is a good quality, uncut Crystal or Lead Crystal, which is cut with a pattern and also of high quality.

A Crystal Whisky Set is often requested, but this does not clearly convey whether a cut or uncut version is required.  Both can be called a Crystal Whisky Set!


Whisky Set. Decanter & 2 glasses on wood tray.

A Whisky Set with Figure of
Eight Tray

A Lead Crystal Whisky Set, with its pattern cut for 3/4 of its circumference, is named 'Panelled', due to the panel of clear crystal for engraving purposes.  When the pattern has been cut all the way round the Whisky Set, it is known as 'Fully Cut'.  Fully Cut Whisky Sets are not suitable for engraving, but make wonderful 'instant' Gifts.

The panelled version of a  Whisky Set can be supplied with the Tumblers either panelled, or fully cut, depending on the amount of engraving required.

Whisky Decanter Set

Buy Whiskey Decanter Sets from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.


Whisky Set. Wood tray, decanter and 4 glasses.

A Whisky Set with Hide Tray

A Whisky Decanter Set is simply another term for a Whisky Set.  A Whisky Decanter Set includes a Square Spirit Decanter and The Glass Engraver's Websites all feature a choice of these Decanters.  A Whisky Decanter Set features the Decanter set in between either one or two Tumblers on each side of a wood tray.  Whisky Decanter Sets are also referred to as a Whisky Decanter and Glasses, a Crystal Whisky Decanter Set or a Whisky Decanter and Glass Set.  All of which make great Whisky Set Gifts.

Whiskey Set

A Whiskey Set refers to the Irish version of the spirit.  Similar to the Whisky Sets above, Whiskey Sets are available in plain Crystal Glass or cut Lead Crystal.  The lead crystal version, a Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set, has been cut with a pattern and all Websites feature a Diamond and Fan design.


Cut Crystal Whisky Set. Decanter, 4 glasses and wood tray.

A Hide Tray Whisky Set with
Panelled Lead Crystal Decanter
and Fully Cut Tumblers

A Whiskey Set can be supplied with the lead crystal version featuring either a Panelled Whiskey Decanter and Glasses or a Fully Cut Whiskey Decanter and Glasses. Where the Whiskey Set features a Panelled Decanter, it can be supplied with the Tumblers either Panelled, or Fully Cut, depending on the amount of engraving desired.

Whiskey Sets can be engraved to your specifications and you may either order online or contact the engraver by email or 'phone for professional advice regarding your requirements.  Your Whiskey Sets can then be delivered to any address, worldwide.


Whiskey Set. Wood Tray, crystal decanter and 2 glasses.

A Whiskey Set with Panelled
Lead Crystal

Whiskey Decanter Set

If you would like to buy a Whiskey Decanter Set, you may like to visit the Decanter Set section, where Whiskey Decanter Sets are available in Satin Lined Boxes.  These Whiskey Decanter Sets feature a Decanter and two Tumblers.  You can also have the Satin Lined Box hot foil blocked with a corporate logo or club crest, making your Whiskey Decanter Set even more special for a presentation.

A Whiskey Set is often referred to as a Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set.  A Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set is a good enough name, but there is a little 'overkill', because a Whiskey Set always has glasses.  There is only one exception and that is where a pair of Decanters are supplied in a Tantalus.

You may either place your engraving details online, or contact an engraver, to discuss your requirements. A speciality of all engravers is Glass Engraving.  You may request a proof for your Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set, to be certain that you will receive what you envisage.  Your Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set can then be shipped to any UK address, or even worldwide.


Whiskey Set. Cut-crystal decanter and 4 glasses on wood tray.

A Hide Tray Whiskey Set with Panelled Lead Crystal Decanter and Tumblers - 5 spaces to engrave