Golf Day and Corporate Day Out Prizes

The "Copinsay" Hole In One Golf Prize.

"Copinsay" Hole in One Golf Prize.


You can buy Golf Day Prizes online from a Glass Engraver’s Website, or contact them for friendly, professional assistance.  Your prizes will arrive on time and to specification.

When holding Corporate Golf Days, bearing in mind the cost of such events, a proportion of the budget should be considered for your Golf Day Prizes.  Long after the golf day has finished, the Corporate Prizes remain, a constant reminder of the day.  If the prizes are of poor quality, they will reflect badly on the memory.  In other words, give the best quality Golf Day Prizes you can afford.

Hole in One Golf Prize

If someone should happen to score a Hole in One on the day, it will be a tremendous achievement.  Naturally, you could have a Hole in One Prize ready for such an event, but its better to commission one afterwards and engrave the name and details on it, like the one Sandra Anderson won at Strathpeffer, in The Highlands of Scotland – where this beautiful Rock Tablet was made…!

Best Individual Score Golf Prize. Engraved crystal block.

Best Individual Score Prize.


Best Individual Score Golf Prize

This beautiful piece of WhiteFire Optical Crystal was commissioned by Akzo Nobel, under the Sikkens brand, for their Scottish Golf Day.  One of the top Golf Day Prizes, it was for the Best Individual Score.  Years later, we know that it will still be displayed with pride.  Not only that, but it will still be in the same pristine condition, with no yellowing of the crystal – WhiteFire Optical Crystal is made from the finest possible quality crystal, the same as prescription spectacles and high quality camera lenses.

"Glen Afric" engraved crystal Corporate Golf Day Prize.


High Quality Golf Day Prizes

Due to the structure of WhiteFire Optical Crystal, reflections of the deeply engraved corporate crest and words bounce around inside the Optical Crystal.  Engraving in multiple positions increases the fascination of such a Corporate Prize.

Packaged in beautiful velvet lined caskets, the WhiteFire range offers superlative quality and is highly reviewed by recipients.

Buy your Golf Day Prizes online with confidence from any of the Glass Engraver’s Websites.  Good, old-fashioned courtesy and slick modern business practices are assured.

"Strathconon" flat glass award, engraved for Corporate Day Out Prize.  

Corporate Day Out Prizes

There are a myriad of Corporate Day Out Prizes available, from paint balling to racing.  Each one can be commemorated, whether competitive, or not.

The Rock Tablet on the left is an example of a Corporate Day Out winners’ trophy.  Selected from over 1,000 product lines on the Glass Engraver’s Websites.  Rock Tablets have a high perceived value because they are hand made in The Highlands of Scotland – and a Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each one, rolled up and tied with tartan ribbon.

Buy your Corporate Day Out Trophies & Corporate Prizes today, online, or contact one of the engravers, for friendly, professional assistance.  Proofs of artwork are readily supplied prior to engraving.  Deliveries are made on time and to specification, anywhere in the world.