Optical Crystal

Buy Optical Crystal from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  A large range of Optical Crystal is available for you to buy online, today.  Your choice of shape (and there are many) can be deeply engraved to your specifications and delivered promptly.  Excellent stockholding, with current quantities shown on the Website of your choice.

High Quality Optical Crystal

Optical Crystal is used for binoculars, cameras, and prescription glasses.  It is therefore the highest possible quality of all the 'Crystal' family.  However, some Optical Crystal is not as good a quality as others and yellows with age.  WhiteFire Optical Crystal is the finest possible quality and, despite being hand cut and polished, is made to fine tolerances.  Your awards table will look consistent and dimensions will be the same within a couple of millimetres.


Optical Crystal flat glass award, engraved.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal is the finest quality.

Prismatic Optical Crystal

Being named Crystal, the EU terminology states that the glass must have a minimum of 10% Lead Oxide or, as a whole or in parts totalling 10% of Potash, Barium or Zinc.  These components aid clarity - WhiteFire Optical Crystal has a 98% light transmission (98% of light entering, also leaves the crystal).  Clarity, in turn, aids refraction.  Think of a Prism, with light entering one face and departing through another, angled, face in a rainbow of colours.  WhiteFire Optical Crystal creates such a phenomenon.

3D Optical Crystal

WhiteFire Optical Crystal creates a fascination when deep engraved on more than one surface.  The images reflect within the Crystal and combine together in unimaginable ways.  The addition of a 2D or 3D sub-surface engraved image makes the fascination even more so.


Optical Crystal Block, engraved for Award.

Multiple images create a fascinating sight within the Optical Crystal.

K9 Quality Optical Crystal

Also available from The Glass Engraver Websites are items in Optical Crystal named K9.  This has absolutely nothing to do with dogs!  K9 is the highest quality Optical Crystal - there are also K7 and K5 and the lower the number, the lower the clarity and thus, the refraction.  Lower numbers also tend to yellow with age.  K9 as a 'brand', is simply the same quality as WhiteFire, but not made in the same factory. 

Many of K9 shapes are Pressed Crystal, where WhiteFire has been cut from a large block and then shaped and polished.  Pressed Crystal involves cutting from a large block and then heating the Crystal before forming it inside a mould.

WhiteFire and K9 can be manufactured to different shapes and The Glass Engravers will help you with any enquiries concerning this service.


Optical Crystal Block, 3D laser engraved.

K9 is excellent quality Optical Crystal.