A large range of Crystal glassware is available from all of The Glass Engraver Websites.  You can select engraving designs, upload your own designs and select text styles.  Online payment is secure and you can order 24/7, or contact the Glass Engraver of your choice for friendly, professional advice.

What is Crystal?

Strictly speaking, Crystal is a solid substance where the components (molecules or atoms) form an ordered pattern in all three dimensions.  Generally, Crystal has geometric shapes, with flat faces.  Crystal actively grows in a manner known as Crystallisation and the word Crystal is from the Ancient Greek ‘krustallos’, which means Rock Crystal.  Typical shapes are Diamond shaped and can often be seen in pairs. The more modern understanding for the word Crystal is associated with Glassware, Crystal Glass and Lead Crystal.  There are many forms of Crystal to select from on The Glass Engraver  Websites.  There are a number of different and stunning designs of Crystal Glassware, suitable to enhance any home. Crystal also makes superb Gifts, Trophies and Corporate Awards.


Large piece of crystal, in diamond shape.A Crystal Diamond, available from The Glass Engraver Websites.  Also available are Crystal Heart Gifts, already engraved with sweetheart messages.  A great range of crystal gifts.

Engraved Crystal

Engraved Crystal is suitable for all occasions, Sporting Corporate and Personal.  To learn more about the Crystal Engraving process, you can find out more on our Glass Engraving and Crystal Engraving pages.  Engraved Crystal make excellent Engraved Crystal Gifts and each of The Glass Engraver Websites has a range of Crystal Gifts for your selection, each being suitable for most Personal Events.  Of course, bespoke Engraved Crystal Gifts can be ordered online and paid for securely. There are a number of engraving designs to choose from or you can upload your own.  There are a number of different text styles to choose from too. A speciality of The Glass Engraver Websites is Crystal Champagne Flutes and Crystal Decanters. Other popular products are Engraved Crystal Glasses.  Stemware Glasses can be ordered singly or pairs in satin boxes.  Engraved Crystal Glasses are also available in full sets of six.


Crystal Whisky Decanter.Regal Square Spirit Crystal Decanter, available from The Glass Engraver Websites.

Crystal Wine Glasses or Crystal Tumblers can be engraved with Heraldic Crests, Scottish Clan Crests or Monogrammed Initials and make perfect Wedding Gifts.  Engraved Crystal Glasses are also make superb collections for a monthly Golf Medal or Golf Prize.  You can buy bespoke Engraved Crystal Glasses online and pay securely 24/7 at any of The Glass Engraver  Websites.

Bohemian Crystal

Bohemia is in the region of Europe known as the Czech Republic, formerly The Kingdom of Bohemia, a part of the Roman Empire. Its capital city is Prague and the population of the current Czech Republic is approximately 10 million.  One of the main exports for the area is Bohemian Crystal and has been since its conception in 1250 AD.  The forests provide Potash and it is also known that Chalk provides a vital ingredient for Bohemia Crystal. Limestone and Silica are also in plentiful supply and used in many of the mixes or ‘batches’ for Bohemia Crystal.  Arguably, many of the factories in the region do not use Lead Oxide in the mix, so the result should be named Bohemia Glass and not Bohemia Crystal.


Cut-crystal Wine Glass. Clear crystal engraving space.

Panelled Wine Glasses, ready for Engraving.

However, even Bohemia Glass is cut on copper wheels, a distinctive pinwheel design being almost a trademark of Bohemia Glass.  Bohemia Glass is also invariably coloured and sometimes carries lithographic transfers, heat fired.

Today, there are many Bohemia factories creating mouth blown and hand cut, trademarked Bohemia Crystal.  Very little is available as plain Crystal, the blowers and cutters having formed agreements.  The Glass Engraver Websites offer a range of Panelled Crystal, suitable for engraving purposes.  There is also a smaller range of Fully Cut Crystal.

Crystal and Glassware

What is the difference between Crystal and Glassware?  There is a scientific answer to the question, but simply, to be called ‘Crystal - anything’ (crystal-glass, optical crystal etc;), the mix must have 10% of Lead Oxide or 10% of Barium, Potash or Zinc, either singly or combined.  This addition gives the glass a higher Refractive Index, which means it has more ‘Colour’.  Generally, it is clearer and has more weight too.  You can find out more about Lead Crystal, Crystal and Glassware by clicking on the words.

There is a difference, generally speaking, between Crystal and Glassware.  Some Glassware is manufactured to a very high quality and is clear and heavy.  Some Crystal is manufactured to a lower than standard quality and it can be argued that a particular piece of Glassware is better quality than an equivalent piece of Crystal.  However, the Lead Oxide or equivalent, in Crystal, will give a clarity not generally found in Glassware.  That clarity will enhance the refractive index, resulting in more prismatic effects, giving Crystal more ‘colour’.  The term ‘colour’, in this instance, refers to clear light entering the glass and being spread into a Rainbow effect on exit.  This effect is especially seen in Cut Crystal.