Jade Glass Trophies

You can buy Jade Glass Trophies from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites, 24 hours a day. 

Jade Glass

The colour Jade, being green, simply describes the edge of glass and not the whole area.  The Jade edge is found on almost all Float Glass (you may like to think of it as Window Glass) and it is this that is used in the manufacture of Jade Glass Trophies.

Float Glass is manufactured in many thickness’, from 2mm, used for picture frames, up to 25mm, used for making bullet-proof glass.  Thicker glass is sometimes used for x-ray booths.  The jade colour comes from iron ore in the sand, which makes up the lion's share of the mix for making all Glassware.


Curved Jade Glass Trophy, for engraving. 

Jade Glass Trophies are

available in many shapes.

There are many companies providing thin Jade Glass Trophies, which look unsubstantial and are therefore inadequate and undesirable.  For a little more cost, a thicker glass looks and feels like a ‘proper’ Trophy, especially when it is considered that the cost of Glass Engraving such a large area will be the same.

Jade Glass Trophies Made in UK

The Glass Engraver's Websites provide two ‘Made in UK’ ranges of Jade Glass Trophies, named Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks.  Hand made in The Highlands of Scotland, these products feature unique edges, which look rugged but are sensual to touch!  Made from 12mm (1/2”) thick glass, they are Jade Glass Trophies with real substance.


 "Rock Tablet" Jade Glass Trophy, engraved for Corporate event.

Jade Glass Trophies –

a Rock Tablet ‘Made in Britain’

Manufactured in a range of different shapes and sizes, Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks offer a variety of engraving areas and shapes, suiting any purpose.  Each shape and size has its own name, taken from the names of mountains, valleys and lochs of The Highlands.  Packaged in distinctive rigid blue boxes, branded with their name, these are Jade Glass Trophies to be proud of.

Engraved on both front and rear faces increases the fascination of Jade Glass Trophies.  Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks are made from 12mm glass, so the thickness separates the two engravings considerably, creating an almost 3D effect to the engraving.  Consider using a logo or crest at the top, on the rear face, with the words engraved lower down, on the front face.


 "Ice Block" Jade Glass Trophy, engraved for Retirement.


Jade Glass Trophies –

an Ice Block ‘Made in Britain’