A large range of Glassware is available from all of The Glass Engravers Websites.  Buy online, today and have your glassware delivered plain, printed or engraved.  Suitable for any occasion or as a gift to yourself.

Glassware is either machine made or mouth blown and there are various qualities available, in both methods of manufacturing Glassware.

Machine Made Glassware

Machine made Glassware is usually made with huge machines where the glass and oxides are fed in at one end and Glassware comes out the other end.  Lower quality, Pub Glassware, is usually not so clear and has a thick 'moil' (thick rim). 

Medium quality machine made Glassware, like that made by Bormioli Luigi of Italy, has clear glass and slimmer rims.  Bormioli's range is made with high quality oxides and is lighter in weight than most pub glassware.  Bormioli Rocco Glassware is found in mid-end restaurants and good pubs.

Higher Quality Schott Zwiesel Glassware (available from all of The Glass Engravers Websites) is superb quality, with clear glass and fine rims.  Much of Schott Zwiesel Glassware also features Tritan, a toughened form of Glassware, resistant to breakage and used in top restaurants


Medium Quality Glassware. Wine glass from Italy.

Machine made Glassware of medium quality, from Bormioli Luigi of Italy.

Mouth Blown Glassware

Glassware has been mouth blown throughout Poland, the Bohemia region of Czech Republic and Eastern Europe for several centuries.  A large furnace with an opening, named The Glory Hole, is in the centre of the glass blowing team.  A 'gather' of molten glass is collected on the end of a 'blowing iron' and the blower breathes life and shape into the bubble of glass.  The blowing iron is passed to the 'Gaffer', who shapes it into the item being made.  Separate members of the team then add stems, feet and handles.  Each piece of mouth blown Glassware is unique. 

All mouth blown Glassware will have small bubbles and marks - and maybe slightly different weights and sizes.  It is these features which make mouth blown Glassware highly sought after.  The Glass Engravers Websites all feature Balmoral Glass, a good quality brand growing in popularity.


Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter. Good quality Glassware.

Balmoral Glass - Mouth Blown Glassware of good quality.

Popular Shapes of Glassware

Glassware is available in many different shapes; Glass Tumblers in different sizes are amongst the most popular.  Glass Tumblers range in size from the Shot Glass, used for a single shot of spirit.  A Shot Glass will typically hold 2 - 3ounces of fluid and is one of the most popular sizes of Glass Tumblers.  Shot Glasses are very popular for Wedding Favours and for Sports Clubs to exchange when playing inter-club matches.

The next size up for Glass Tumblers is a Juice Glass.  Typically, they hold approximately 6oz of fluid and, as their name suggests, Juice Glasses are used at breakfast time, for fruit juice.  Also popular for Glass Printing and Glass Engraving, the little Juice Glass is easily transported for Sports Clubs to exchange as Gifts. A slightly larger Glass Tumbler is the Whisky Glass, which holds approximately 8oz of fluid.  A Whisky Glass is rarely filled to the brim!  One of the more popular glasses and often used as Golf Medals, awarded monthly and golfers collect them to make a set.  An 8oz Whisky Glass is also often used as part of a Decanter Set or Whisky Set.


The "Hot Shot" shot glass. Can be engraved or printed.

The ever popular Shot Glass

Larger still, is a 10oz Mixer Glass.  This Glass Tumbler is the most popular size and is widely used for everything, from mixing spirits with carbonated flavourings, to milk!  Of all items in Glassware, this size of Glass Tumbler is purchased more often than any other shape or size.  The only other Spirit Glass is the Hiball, generally used for mixing spirit with carbonated water and popular for use by children.  The Hi part of its name comes from being a High glass and the 'ball' part is anyone's guess!  Made popular in America when a Tom Collins was invented.

Other popular shapes of Glassware are Champagne Glasses or Glass Champagne Flutes.  A Champagne Glass is usually recognised by its conical shape, rather like a Martini or Cocktail Glass.  These forms of Champagne Glasses release the bubbles in champagne a lot quicker than the alternative shape of Champagne Glasses, the Glass Champagne Flute.  Glass Champagne Flutes are a very popular form of Glassware and widely used at celebratory occasions.  


Balmoral Glass Tumbler, high quality Glassware.

A 'Balmoral Glass' 10oz Tumbler Glass

Glass Champagne Flutes are the choice of glassware for Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts.  You can buy Glass Champagne Flutes online from any of The Glass Engravers Websites and opt for Glass Engraving or Glass Printing.  Engraved glass makes a superb Gift, especially when engraved with a design to suit the occasion and commemorative text.  The Glass Engravers are experts in providing Engraved Champagne Flutes for all occasions and your Engraved Champagne Flutes can be packaged in Satin Lined Boxes, to make your presentation extra special.

Engraved Glass

Plain glassware is in every home in the UK and we think little of it.  In Europe, they decorate their Glassware, to make it look pretty and link it to the drink to be held in the glass.  We can make more of our lives by having Engraved Glasses.  A monogram, with each partner's initials intertwined, a Heraldic Crest or Scottish Clan Crest on our engraved glasses makes for more interesting lives!  You can buy Engraved Glasses online today, at any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  You order for engraved glasses can be delivered to any UK address, or sent worldwide.  The website will correctly calculate all postage costs and your engraved glasses will be packed correctly and arrive safely.


"Balmoral Glass" Glassware Tankard with a bubble base.

Engraved Glass "Balmoral Glass" Tankard


Engraved Glass Gifts

Engraved Glass Gifts are received with delight and displayed for far longer than any other form of Gift.  Make it a habit to consider giving Engraved Glass for Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts and Birthday Gifts.  It is easy to buy online, 24 hours a day, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.

Engraved Glass Sports Trophies

Engraved glassware also makes the most wonderful Sports Trophies.  The club's crest, faithfully engraved, along with commemorative text, makes the Engraved Glass Trophy really stand out.  A table full of Engraved Glassware at a presentation evening looks really stunning too!

Engraved Glass Corporate Awards

Corporate Awards are highly important, because you want your company to stand head and shoulders above others when presenting your Corporate Awards.  Engraved Glass Corporate Awards have a high regard because of the prestige of the corporate logo deep engraved into the Glassware.  Suitable text, commending the person who receives your Sales Award, completes the aura of a high quality engraved glass  Corporate Award.

Glass Engraving

Learn more about glass engraving and find out how engraving is completed by Sandblasting.  Sandblasting is a popular form of Glass Engraving, because it faithfully reproduces the original artwork in deep, crisp lines which are a creamy white colour.  Glass engraving has developed greatly over the past 30 years and there are now many commercial ways to achieve glass engraving to a good standard.  If you would like to buy engraved glasses, look no further than one of The Glass Engravers Websites.

Personalized Glass

Glassware can be personalised for you quickly and delivered efficiently, to any address in the UK or indeed, worldwide.  Personalized Glass is always well received when they commemorate a special occasion.  You can buy personalized glassware today, from any of The Glass Engravers Websites and have them delivered when you need them.  Gifts for special occasions, Trophies to award to winning people and Awards to present to outstanding members of staff, all will appreciate your giving personalized glassware and display it with alacrity!


Pair Sussex Wine Glasses. Fine quality glassware.

Personalized Glass "Balmoral Glass" Wine Glass.

Cut Glass

Cut Glass is a bit of a misnomer, because if Glassware is cut, it cannot be polished, other than by the expensive means of following the cut lines with a cork wheel of the same dimensions as the diamond-impregnated one used to cut the Glassware.  Glassware and Crystal, when cut, have a white finish, which needs to be polished. 

Cut Glass Glasses are sometimes cut and left with their white finish.  These Cut Glass Glasses are named Intaglio Cutting.  Cut Glass is a term, therefore, used to refer more correctly to Cut Crystal.  Of course, window glass (float glass) is cut to shape and therefore could correctly be named Cut Glass.

When Glassware is engraved, the engraver 'cuts into the glass' and again, the terminology Cut Glass could apply, but generally this is a term used between glass engravers and not widely known.

Some modern shapes of Glassware are cut with two or three different thickness of diamond impregnated wheels and left unpolished.  The pattern is usually long and sweeping lines.  Correctly, this is named Cut Glass, but the fashion for this type of Glassware is fairly recent and not one to have picked up a correct name.