Perfume Bottle

Glass Perfume Bottles

One of the finest Gifts For Her, a Glass Perfume Bottle, along with a bottle of her favourite scent, is sure to put you in your lady’s good books!  You can buy a Glass Perfume Bottle from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites and specify engraving for it too.  Glass Perfume Bottles UK delivered promptly on order, or allow a little while extra for Glass Engraving.

The solid Glass Perfume Bottle has a dropper, to collect the perfume from within the bottle and apply it to the skin.  The stopper, also solid, twists to open and close.  The Glass Perfume Bottle holds a sample quantity of your lady’s favourite perfume and can readily be topped up with fresh.

Glass Perfume Bottles are very popular as Sports Trophies for ladies.  A winning prize deserves to be presented nicely and this Glass Perfume Bottle is packaged in a satin lined box.  Glass Perfume Bottles UK stocks are shown on all Glass Engravers Websites.



Crystal Perfume Bottle, Silver Collar, for engraving.

High Quality Optical Crystal Perfume Bottle with Silver colour neck

Stuck for a Corporate Gift for ladies?  Look no further than this Glass Perfume Bottle, which is sure to please.  All ladies love perfume and this will find its way to her dressing table, without doubt!  Engraved discretely with your corporate logo, it will remain a permanent reminder of your company.

Crystal Perfume Bottle

High quality Crystal Perfume Bottles are available from The Glass Engraver's Websites.  Made from K9 Optical Crystal, it is the same quality as is used for camera lenses and other high-end optical glass products.  The solid stopper and dropper are in one piece and twist off the body for application of the ladies favourite perfume.  Being made from Optical Crystal, the light transmission is so good that the perfume colour is clearly seen and adds to the refraction of the Crystal Perfume Bottle.  The stopper and body are facetted and light entering the Crystal reflects and refracts, to provide a prismatic display of colour.


Gold necked Crystal Perfume Bottle, for engraving.

High Quality Optical Crystal Perfume Bottle with Gold colour nec

Engraved Perfume Bottle

High quality Glass Engraving is the backbone of The Glass Engravers Websites.  Most use sandblasting and one or two are hand engravers.  Sandblast Glass Engraving provides a commercial form of deep engraving, which gives crisp lines in an even white colour.  Hand engraving gives engraving more of an art look, which can be extremely effective.  If you would like to buy an Engraved Perfume Bottle for a loved one, a Sports Trophy or Corporate Gift, you can be assured of a high-class service from beginning to end, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  Engravers run their own business and will provide you with an Engraved Perfume Bottle you will be proud to give or present.  Your gift can be delivered to any UK address, or indeed, worldwide.  Buy your Engraved Perfume Bottle today, either online, with secure payment, or by contacting your choice of engraver.