Gift for The Bride's Parents (or Groom's Parents)

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What does one buy for Wedding Gifts?  The Glass Engravers in the Directory have the answer and you will find each company has someone on the end of the ‘phone or email to help in a friendly, professional way.

Here are some great ideas for you to consider:

Gift for The Bride’s Parents (or Groom’s Parents)

A Gift for the Bride’s Parents is sometimes problematic, until you remember the maxim “Everyone Loves Crystal”.  Suitably engraved to commemorate the event, a Gift for Bride’s Parents or Gift for Groom’s Parents will be treasured and displayed forever.

Here’s some great ideas for you:

The gift which has to say “Thank You”.  ‘Thanks’ from The Bride, for all the years they supported her through life and maybe help in other ways too?  And ‘Thanks’ from The Groom, for his beautiful Bride.  But what do you buy for ‘people who have everything’?!

Engraved 'Mastermind Bowl' gift for Bride's or Groom's Parents.  

You could make a real ‘statement’, with a centrepiece for their dining table.  A large Bowl or Vase makes a stupendous gift, deeply engraved to commemorate the occasion of their girl getting married.  The Glass Engravers Websites have many such items for your selection, including Balmoral Glass and Inverness Crystal.  Satin Boxed and branded products with that Wow Factor!

  Engraved crystal vase gift for Bride's or Groom's Parents.

Of course, you may prefer to give individual gifts.  Gift for Mother of Bride & Gift for Father of Bride?

Gift for Mother of The Bride or Gift for Mother of The Groom:

Mother of The Bride champagne flute gift.   Mother of The Groom champagne flute gift.  

An inexpensive gift for Mother of Bride, or gift for Mother of Groom is a Champagne Flute from the Gifts Range.  Already printed with suitable image and words and packed in a distinctive Silver Box.

Of course, these gifts also make wonderful small gifts for placing on the table for the Wedding Breakfast.  Toasting the Bride and Groom with one of these crystal~glass flutes will hold special memories in the future.

Engraved crystal heart Mother of Bride or Groom Gift.  

A really poignant gift for a lady is to give her a Diamond.  This one is made from Optically Perfect Crystal and branded with the WhiteFire logo on the sumptuous blue velvet lined casket.  The casket closes with the ‘clunk’ of a Rolls Royce door.

Engraved with words to commemorate the occasion, the piece will be displayed with pride.  A perfect gift for Mother of the Bride and a perfect gift for Mother of the Groom too.

Gift for Father of The Bride or Gift for Father of The Groom:

Printed 1pt Tankard gift for Father of The Bride.  

An inexpensive Gift for the Father of The Bride is this 1 pint Tankard, already printed with suitable design and text.  Packaged in a distinctive Silver Box, ready for the occasion.

These products, like all others, are ready to buy on The Glass Engravers Websites.

Gift for Father of Bride or Gift for Father of Groom

Engraved Gift for Father of The Bride or Groom.  

Rock Tablets are hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  Packaged in a distinctive rigid blue box, blocked with the branding of the product.  Each is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, rolled and tied with a tartan ribbon, guaranteeing its provenance.

Deeply engraved with suitable design and words to commemorate the occasion, they make a superb Gift for Father of Bride or Gift for Father of Groom.

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