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What does one buy for a Matron of Honour?  The Glass Engravers Websites have the answer and you will find each company has someone on the end of the ‘phone or email to help in a friendly, professional way.

Here are some great ideas for you to consider:

Gift for Matron of Honour

Engraved Fruit Bowl for Matron of Honour Gift.  

The Glass Engravers Websites have some superb modern, stylish Bowls worthy of your attention.  This one, named ‘Smile’ is heavy crystal~glass & nicely packaged.

Deeply engraved to commemorate the Wedding, this Matron of Honour Gift will not only be well received, but displayed with pride forever.

Engraved crystal vase gift for Matron of Honour.  

Another fine Gift for Matron of Honour can be selected from the range of plain Vases, available on all Glass Engravers Websites.  This ‘Crown Vase’ is manufactured in the same factory as the Bowl, above.  Crystal~glass, beautifully weighty and nicely packaged.

Select from a number of Websites in the Directory, perhaps the one closest to you, or one who specialises in Wedding Gifts.  Contact them for assistance, or place your order online.

Engraved crystal Heart Matron of Honour gift.  

An inexpensive Gift for Matron of Honour is the WhiteFire Optical Crystal Heart.  Already simply engraved with “Thank You”, it is supplied in a blue velvet lined casket, branded with the product name.

Sometimes, simply saying Thank You is all that is required for a job well done.


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