Business Awards

Business Awards are the way for you to show your appreciation to sales staff or existing and prospective customers.  Reward staff, for a job well done, or commemorate with a Long Service Award, with beautiful packaging, which can often be branded with your corporate logo.

Engraved glass Business Award for Corporate use.  

Range of Business Awards

Business awards, available from The Glass Engraver’s Websites offer a very large range, specialising in glass and crystal.  Although some engravers also offer many other forms of company awards in metals, alloys, resins and plastics.

Specialising in one medium offers a fail-safe way for the customer to feel confident that the specialist company will ‘get it right’.  Deep engraving photo-engraving and Glass Printing, all using the mediums of glass and crystal for Business Awards.

"Rock Tablet" engraved glass Business Award.  

WhiteFire Optical Crystal Business Awards

Bespoke Business Awards are also manufactured to order.  Using the finest possible quality WhiteFire optical crystal, company awards can be made to almost any shape, suiting the requirements of the customer.

Rock Tablet Business Awards

Another medium is the Rock Tablet range; rugged edges that are smooth to touch, emulate the rugged Highlands of Scotland, their birth-place.  Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, rolled up and tied with tartan ribbon, guaranteeing its provenance and packaged in a distinctive rigid blue box.  The Rock Tablet (right) made a superb Business Award. 

Special Business Awards

All Business Awards can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke engraved, but if requirements are for ‘something special’, contact a Glass Engraver for friendly, professional assistance.  Drawings can be provided and quotations given, before work commences.  Fast turn-around times are ensured, so that Business Awards are delivered to specification and on time.

Community Achievement Award, engraved in self-supporting glass plaque.  

Community Awards

Community awards are no different to business awards, in-so-far as the community will have a crest, a name of the Community Award and the recipient.

All can be deep engraved, with a crisp edge and great attention to the smallest detail.  A popular Community Award is the Curved Clear Frame, which is self-supporting and features bevelled edges.  Packaging is a simple white box for easy transport.

If required, the engraving can be infilled with colour, like the example above, which is infilled with gold colour.  There is a good range of colour infills to select from, all are available from The Glass Engraver’s Websites. 

3D Laser Engraved Business Award in Optical Crystal.  

3D Engraved Awards

A speciality is the combining of 3D sub-surface laser engraving with multi-position deep engraving on the various surfaces of WhiteFire optical crystal.  The WhiteFire range offers many different shapes and different sizes within each range of shapes.

Packaged in a blue velvet lined casket, which closes with the clunk of a Rolls Royce car, WhiteFire optical crystal is eminently suitable for high quality business awards.

Optical crystal is heavier than lead crystal and, being optically perfect, it is the same quality as prescription quality spectacles, binoculars and camera lenses.

Corporate Award engraved into optical crystal block.  

Other Business and Corporate Awards

Corporate Trophies and Corporate Plaques, in a large variety of sizes and shapes are available from The Glass Engraver’s Websites.

Jade edged Corporate Plaques are a favourite, in the form of Rock Tablets, with their rugged edges.  WhiteFire optical crystal, with multi-faceted edges is also a firm favourite for Corporate Awards.  Both offer large areas of engraving space for multiple logos to be engraved, along with multiple positions for engraving text.

Packaging is vitally important and The Glass Engraver provides Corporate Trophies and Corporate Plaques in beautiful boxes, some of which are suitable for hot foil blocking with a corporate logo.

Engraved Optical Crystal Business Award.  

High Quality Business Awards

Business Awards are on display for a very long time.  Beware the ones that are just too cheap; because the likelihood is that they have been manufactured from inferior quality crystal that yellows with age.  All WhiteFire products have been manufactured from the very finest quality optical crystal, ensuring the Business Awards remain pristine, for as long as they are displayed.

All Business Awards can be purchased either online with secure payment, or by contacting a friendly and professional Glass Engraver, via their website.  You can be assured of prompt service and an on-time delivery.