Glass Printing

Glass Printing is available from almost all of The Glass Engravers Websites.  A large range of Glassware and some Crystal Glass and Lead Crystal is available for you to buy online, today.  Printed Glass makes a budget busting option to Glass Engraving and Crystal Engraving. It’s also a great option for inexpensive Gifts and Prizes.

Glass Printing

Glass Printing is carried out using the method known as Pad Printing.  Essentially, a printing plate is made of your image and special ink is drawn across it, forcing ink into the image in the plate.  A silicone Pad comes down and collects the image from the plate and shuttles across to the glass, depositing the image onto the glass.

The next process of Glass Printing is to cure the ink in a kiln, where it is heated, to dry and bond.  It is an inexpensive process but provides many customers with a great answer to the dilemma of how to stretch their budgets – and allows more to be spent on the quality of the Glassware!

Glass Printing completed by this method, can be achieved in up to 4 colours (4 plates and 4 Pads are required, so the Set Up charge is greater than with 1, 2 or 3 colours).  The most popular form of Glass Printing uses just one colour – ‘Frosted’. This colour looks very similar to Glass Engraving and confuses even Glass Engravers!


Printed Glass Champagne Flutes, for Anniversary, Birthday or Wedding.

Glass Printing on Champagne Flutes – ready to buy now from the Gift range on most Websites.

The Pad Printing form of Glass Printing is not guaranteed to be dishwasher proof, despite our many successful tests.  If it is necessary to have your Glass Printing to be dishwasher proof, then please ask for a quotation for Decal Transfer Printing.  This process utilises Ceramic Decals, which, when heated to 550C, bond with the Glassware and become one.  Unlike Pad Printing, scraping or mis-use cannot remove them.

Printed Glass

Printed Glass is very inexpensive compared to Glass Engraving or Crystal Engraving, due to the time it takes and therefore the lower cost of labour.  You can buy Printed Glass from almost all of The Glass Engravers Websites 24 hours a day.

Printed Glass is ideal for low cost, but high-perceived value Gifts and Glass Prizes.  Printed Glass is available in up to four colours of your choice and looks great on Shot Glasses for Wedding Favours.  Printed Glass is also very popular for purchase as School Gifts, with the School logo or crest printed on the glassware, it is a great way for Schools to raise funds.


Square Tumbler, printed with Football Club logo.

Shot Glass with Frost Colour printed - looks very much like Glass Engraving

Bowling Clubs also use Printed Glass items for Gifts when playing inter-club matches and exchanging mementos of the match.  The Bowling Club crest can be printed, in up to 4 colours on a range of Glassware at inexpensive costs.  Printed Glass is available to buy now, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.