Corporate Prizes

"Rock Tablet" plaque, engraved for Corporate Prize.



Corporate Prizes

Corporate prizes for corporate bodies, businesses and companies need to have ‘prestige’.  Buying a product hand made in Britain is a good start and Rock Tablets fit the bill.  Of course, there are many more different products available from The Glass Engraver’s  Websites too.

The deep engraving can be infilled with a colour of your choice and a selection of the available colours can be discussed with your chosen Glass Engraver.  The word ‘Fitter’ has had a white infill, to make it really stand out from the background.  The rest of the text is engraved ‘back-to-front’ on the rear face of the award.

Buy your Corporate Prize online, from any Website.

Glass Clock, engraved for Corporate Prize.  

The Caledonian Clock makes a really useful Corporate Prize for any corporate or business event.  Practical and well as ornamental, it will be displayed with pride by the winner of the award.

All Rock Tablets are packaged in a rigid blue box, ensuring their safe carriage to any address in the world.  Your chosen Glass Engraver will organise this for you, as well as providing proofs before they start work.

Deliveries are made on time, so you can be assured your Corporate Prizes arrive not only when you want them, but to the agreed specification.

Optical Crystal block, engraved for Corporate Prize.  

High Quality Corporate Prizes

Corporate Prizes for kids and awards for the winners of the most funds raised are a popular topic these days.  Moray Firth Radio organised a ‘Cash for Kids’ drive and, amongst other things, provided a Quiz Challenge Award.  The champion of the Quiz Challenge was presented with this beautiful piece of solid Optical Crystal from the WhiteFire collection.

WhiteFire is a little more expensive than other optical crystal available on the market, but is made from the highest quality optical crystal and will not ‘yellow’ with age.  Manufactured from the same optically perfect crystal as is used for spectacles and camera lenses, it is simply ‘the best’.  Packaging, in a velvet lined casket, complements the quality of the crystal.  When presenting a prize for a kids benefit, chose the best!

Optical crystal paperweight, engraved for Corporate Prize.  

Corporate Prizes for all competitions and challenges, which are high profile, need to have good quality attributed to them.  You can find lots of great ideas for Corporate Awards and Prizes at any of the Glass Engraver’s Websites.

The finest possible quality Corporate Awards and Prizes are made from WhiteFire Optical Crystal; deep engraved with the club, corporate, business or company logo and associated text.  Engraving more than one surface of the award or prize creates reflections within the glass.  Just like standing between two mirrors and seeing your reflection bouncing further and further back.

This Corporate Prize, presented by a TV company, is an Elevated Pyramid, made from WhiteFire optical crystal.


Engraved crystal Corporate Prize for community work.


The same Elevated Pyramid as the one above, but this time used by a Football Club, for their Corporate Prize.  The reflections within the crystal can be clearly seen and are a constant source of joy for the recipient.

You can buy Corporate Prizes in many shapes and forms from The Glass Engraver’s  Websites.  Many inexpensive items are available, as well as the more prestigious.  If budget is a concern, ask your selected Glass Engraver about Glass Printing (instead of Glass Engraving).  Glass and crystal Corporate Prizes can be printed in a frost effect, emulating engraving.

You can buy online, or contact your chosen Glass Engraver for friendly, professional help and advice.