Leaving Gifts

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Change is not always welcome and, when it happens, it is like a wake-up call.  When someone leaves the employ of an organisation, however large or small, it is ‘change’ in its most significant form.  The loss of a colleague, whether retiring or moving on, requires the purchase of meaningful Leaving Gifts.  Leaving presents that will be displayed with pride.  Leaving Gifts that will be kept on show, as a permanent reminder of times gone by, and colleagues who became friends.

Rock Tablet Leaving Presents

The item on the right is an upmarket Leaving Present, in the form of a Rock Tablet, which is hand made in Scotland and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.  Deep engraved with the corporate logo and appropriate words, we bet it is still on display today, many years after it was presented.


"Rock Tablet" engraved for a Leaving Gift.

"Rock Tablet" engraved for a Leaving Gift. Boxed, with Certificate of Authenticity.


The Glass Engraver’s Affiliate Websites have a multitude of Leaving Presents for your selection -  Leaving Gifts suitable for both male and female colleagues.  Deep engraved crystal or glass Leaving Gifts will commemorate the time you spent in the working company of the person who is leaving.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

There’s a lot of ways to say ‘good-bye’ – “see you later”, “Adios”, “Au revoir”, “God Speed”, “farewell”.  Lots of people will drift in and out of your life, like flotsam on the sea of time and you will want to say “good-bye” to many of them.

You leave school and want to say “Thank You”  to the teacher who went the extra mile to help you over the many topics you learned.  You fall in love and then split up, maybe amicably and just want to say “Thank You” for their letting you down so nicely.  Friends and relatives come and go in your life, to be caught up with later, maybe they are going off to do some charitable work on the other side of the world – and its great to send them off with a Leaving Present. 

High Quality Leaving Gift

On the right, a superb piece of WhiteFire optical crystal, engraved as a Leaving Present for a member of the armed forces.  The logo and words, engraved on different surfaces, bounce around inside the crystal.  The leaving gift was packaged in a velvet-lined casket, with a lid that closes with the ‘clunk’ of a Rolls Royce car!

 Crystal Block, engraved for Army Leaving Gift.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal block, engraved for Army Leaving Gift.

Colleagues you work with will change frequently.  Some you will forget quickly, others you know you will not and you have to send them off with a Leaving Gift.  With glass and crystal, you can deep engrave the feelings you are having, be they sad, sentimental, happy or just too emotional to say to their face.

Engraved Leaving Gift

On the right is a simple fruit bowl, engraved with crest and appropriate wording for a member of the armed forces.  A Wing Commander in the RAF was the lucky recipient.  Of course, not all Leaving Gifts need to be expensive, a simple Tankard or paperweight can be made to look really good, especially if some thought is put into the words.

There are many different prices for glass and crystal, so your Leaving Presents can cost as little or as much as you wish.  The important thing to remember is that you can have a message engraved, to show your true feelings.  These leaving gift ‘feelings’ will last a lifetime and be highly treasured.  You may have spent only a moment saying “Hello”, but your “Goodbye” Leaving Gift will be displayed forever.


Italian Crystal Fruit Bowl. Engraved Leaving Gift.


Crystal Fruit Bowl, an engraved Leaving Gift of significance.

Regardless of your budget, the engraving on your Leaving Present will be special to the person who is leaving.  Personalised Leaving Gifts are far better received than something ‘off the shelf’. 

Cheeky Leaving Gift

If you can lay your hands on a picture of the person leaving – maybe a cheeky one, taken at a Christmas ‘do’, a super idea is the Curved Glass Photo-frame.  The opposite side is where your message goes.  You can get some help from a Glass Engraver’s Affiliate Website – or contact one of them for friendly, helpful advice.  If you can get a rough outline together, or maybe a poem, that’s great help to bringing the idea to fruition.

This will definitely bring a lump to the throat of the person receiving your leaving present…!

The best Leaving Gift or Leaving Presents is the one you create yourself.  Create one with the help of the Glass Engraver’s Affiliates.


Curved glass photo-frame, engraved for Cheeky Leaving Gift.

Cheeky Leaving Gift. Find the "suitable" photo and think of "suitable" text. You have a Winner..!