Personalized Glass

You can buy Personalized Glass from one of The Glass Engraver Websites.

Personalized glass is a hugely popular product today.  Everyone loves glassware - and everyone loves to see his or her names engraved, by way of personalized glass and presented at special occasions.  Personalised glass is used today for all manner of occasions, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Sports & Competitions, Corporate Awards, Masonic Glassware, Military Glassware and Academic Awards.

Glass can be personalised by a number of different methods.  Glass Engraving and Glass Printing are the two most popular ways and Personalized Glass will suit any occasion. The Glass Engraver Websites also offer the budget busting way of supplying personalised glass by glass printing.

The personalized glass, top right, has been produced by the Glass Engraving method.  Parts of the deep, sandblasted engraving has then been infilled with gold colour, to commemorate a Golden Wedding Anniversary.


Personalized Glass Rock Tablet, for Golden Wedding gift.

Personalized Glass is available in many different forms.  Discuss your needs with a friendly and professional Glass Engraver.

The facility to infill engraving is only possible when glass has been deep engraved and sandblast engraving makes this possible.  All The Glass Engraver Websites offer the service of Personalised Glass by sandblast engraving.

The Personalised Glass on the right has been produced by the method of Glass Printing.  There are ‘set-up’ costs involved in this method of personalized glass, so it is not suitable for orders of less than 24+ pieces.

You can have your personalized glass order produced in anything up to 4 colours and order online at many of The Glass Engraver Websites.  The glass printing method used is named Pad Printing and is suitable for ordinary domestic use (not suitable for dishwashers).  For Commercial use, The Glass Engraver is able to provide Decal Transfer Glass Printing, which can be produced in as many colours as you wish and is suitable for dishwashers too.


Personalized Glass Printing, on Tankard, Beer Glass and Shot Glass.

Personalized Glass Printing is available from many of The Glass Engraver Websites