Shot Glass

You can buy a Shot Glass from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  There is a good range of Shot Glasses is available for you to buy online, 24 hours a day.  Your choice of shape of Shot Glass (and there are many) can be deeply engraved or printed to your specifications and delivered promptly.  Excellent stockholding, with current quantities shown on the website of your choice.

Range of Shot Glasses

The most popular Shot Glass is the Loto, pictured right.  It has a capacity of 2oz and is ideal for a single shot of spirit.  Other popular shapes of Shot Glass, available ex-stock, are the Hot Shot and the Strauss Square Shot Glass.

Personalized Shot Glass

The Glass Engraver Websites have the facility for you to order Personalized Shot Glasses online 24/7 and pay securely.  You can order your Personalised Shot Glasses in a Printed Glass finish in up to 4 colours.


Shot Glass, printed, for Wedding Favours.

The popular "Quadro" Shot Glass.

Or, go upmarket and order your Personalized Shot Glass with deep engraving and you will be able to dig your fingernail into the Personalized Shot Glass decoration. Delivery will be made when you request it to be and where you request it to be, anywhere in the world.

A popular finish for Personalized Shot Glasses is the frost colour print.  This colour looks just like engraving, but you cannot dig your fingernail into Printed Glass.  The colour does confuse experts because it emulates the colour of deep engraving.  It also raises the perceived value of the Personalized Shot Glass and everyone will think you have spent a lot of money..!

Personalised Shot Glasses

The Oxford / Cambridge spelling of Personalized Shot Glasses and Personalised Shot Glasses is confusing, but essentially, Personalised Shot Glasses are exactly the same as Personalized Shot Glasses.  A single letter separates the English language and confuses our American cousins even more than they already are!  Although many Americans blame the Elizabethans for their form of English, before it was standardised (standardized?) over here.

However, you can buy Personalised Shot Glasses in exactly the same way as you buy Personalized Shot Glasses, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Select a Standard Engraving Design, or upload your own and then select any text you wish to be added.  You can elect to have your Personalised Shot Glass Engraved or Printed.  Proofs are available and all you need do is add a Note to your online order.  Delivery of your Personalised Shot Glasses will be made on time and sent direct to any UK or Worldwide address of your choice.  Your chosen Glass Engraver Website will correctly calculate the carriage charge.

Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses

You can buy Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses online today from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  There is that Personalized and Personalised choice again..!  A speciality of all Glass Engravers is the supply of Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses and you will get lots of friendly and professional help if you contact your choice of Glass Engraver by email or ‘phone.


Shot Glass, printed, for Wedding Favours.

The ‘Hot Shot’ Shot Glass.


One of the nicest ideas we have seen is when the same design used on Wedding Stationery is used on the decoration of the Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses.  If you can supply the design in black and white (no grey or colour) and it is crisp and sharp, then that artwork will be used for the decoration of your Personalised Wedding Shot Glasses and you can upload it with your order.  If not, then the artwork will be prepared for you, for a small additional fee.  Your Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses can be deep Engraved, or, for a budget-busting option, you can elect to order them Printed.

Personalised Wedding Shot Glasses can be supplied either ‘Bulk’ packed or individually packaged in a smart blue tube.  The tube can also be printed with the same design as you select for your Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses.

You may care to think of Personalised Wedding Shot Glasses in terms of being Wedding Favours Shot Glasses and essentially, they are the same thing.  Wedding Favours Shot Glasses are the small gift left by the Bride and Groom as gifts for guests attending the Wedding Feast.  Wedding Favours Shot Glasses are used to toast the Bride and Groom – and sometimes a good number of other toasts too!  Then the Wedding Favours Shot Glasses are cleaned and put away in handbags as mementos of the Wedding.  Alternatively, if blue tubes have been selected as an additional option, the Wedding Favours Shot Glasses are packed away safely for the journey home.  The nice thing about these Wedding Favours is that the Shot Glasses are displayed in a cabinet, unlike chocolates or some such, which are devoured and forgotten.



Bubble Based Shot Glass, for engraving.

The Balmoral Glass Shot Glass.

Hen Party Shot Glasses

You can purchase Hen Party Shot Glasses and Personalised Shot Glasses for a Hen Party online at any time, on any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Hen Parties have been in vogue for a number of years now and generally, it is a good excuse for a party!  A group of women, in party mood, can create a great atmosphere.  Even more so, when one of the congregation is to be married.  A memorable time becomes even more memorable, when The Hen gives a small gift of a Hen Party Shot Glass, which can be used to toast The Hen and become a memento of a great party afterwards.  Hen Party Shot Glasses are affordable gifts when they are printed with a Standard Engraving (Printing) design and a few words to commemorate the Hen Party.  Personalised Hen Party Shot Glasses can be collectible items, especially if all the Hens are friends and select the same glass.  One can imagine a collection of Personalised Hen Party Shot Glasses, with parties at friends’ houses after years of marriage becoming trips down memory lane!

Custom Shot Glasses

Buy Custom Shot Glasses from any of The Glass Engraver Websites, at any time of day or night.  High quality Engraved Shot Glasses are a speciality of all The Glass Engravers.  Deeply engraved into the glass, you can dig a fingernail into the engraving.  Custom Shot Glasses means decorated by either Printing or EngravingPrinting is conducted using a method known as Pad Printing and is fairly durable, but not guaranteed to be dishwasher proof, despite many positive tests.  Engraving is generally carried out by a method known as Sandblasting, using abrasive grit under great pressure.  This method of Engraving Shot Glasses provides for crisp lines and faithful reproduction of the artwork.  Engraving Shot Glasses requires great training, so that the Engraved Shot Glasses are up to specification.  You can be assured of the quality of all The Glass Engraver's  quality and dedication to their customers’ happiness.



Shot Glass, printed, for custom designs.

The Strauss Square Shot Glass.