Birthday Gift

Personalised Birthday Gift

Buy a Personalised Birthday Gift online now, from any expert listed in the Directory.  Your Personalised Birthday Gift will be delivered promptly, in time for their Birthday.

Delight and surprise the one you love with a Personalised Birthday Gift by selecting from the huge range of Glassware and Crystal.  Then select a suitable Engraving Design and text, to commemorate the event.  You can pay securely online, via PayPal or credit card.

Unique Birthday Gift

Rock Tablets are made by hand in the Scottish Highlands and each piece is unique.  Engraving makes the Personalised Birthday Gift into an even more Unique Birthday Gift.  What could make the Birthday Gift still more Unique?  Well, the person’s age, transformed into ‘days old’, including leap years, makes the Rock Tablet a truly Unique Birthday Gift and, if the recipient has a sense of humour, add the ‘Old Father Time’ design into the layout – it is a standard Engraving Design on most Websites.


"Rock Tablet", engraved with Birthday design and message. 

Old Father Time and "several thousand" days old makes a unique Birthday Gift.  Your expert will help you with the number of days, including leap years.

Of course, a lady never likes to give her age away, so the ‘Days Old’ works well for the lady in your life.  Buy your Unique Birthday Gift today, from any of experts listed in the Directory and simply add a Note, asking for “days old, from (date of birth)”. Your Unique Birthday Gift will be delivered to any address in the UK or worldwide, for the date of your choice.

Birthday Gift for Her

You can select from a number of different products, to suit the lifestyle of the Birthday Person.  Bowls, Vases and Perfume Bottles all make a superb Personalised Birthday Gift for Her.  Take a look at the Unique Birthday Gift, above.  The Rock Tablet, or any other piece of glass or crystal can be engraved in the same way.  The “Days Old” theme takes away the problem of a girl letting it be known that she is so many ‘years old’ – definitely a superb Birthday Gift for Her and available from any of the  Glass Engravers listed.  When selecting a Birthday Gift for Her, think of what she likes in life.  A glass of wine, maybe?  Then select a really large glass, from the range available on the Website of your choice.  

Engrave it with her Monogram – her initials intertwined (just add a Note to your order if ordering online – but leave the text style to the engraver please) and maybe a quotation from one of the world’s famous wine drinkers “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food” - and you can find more, here.  Make your Birthday Gift For Her into fun and you will be rewarded!  If you are running out of ideas for your Birthday Gift for her, simply contact a Glass Engraver of your choice and ask for help. 


Optical Crystal Perfume Bottle, engraved for Birthday Gift.

Perfume Bottles make a great Birthday Gift for Her

All Engravers have the experience to ask the right questions and a helpful manner, enabling them to make suggestions you may not have thought of.  Your Birthday Gift for Her will be delivered on time and to specification, anywhere in UK or worldwide.

Birthday Gift for Him

Decanters, Blocks of Crystal and Clocks and Crystal make a great Personalised Birthday Gift for Him.  Of course, the Unique Birthday Gift, above, works well for all men and everyone we know who has received one has raved about it; many going on to order one for someone else – it is quite addictive!  When selecting a Birthday Gift for Him, find out what they like in life.  Maybe a dram of finest Malt Whisky, which makes things easy, because the Websites are chock-a-block full of great Whisky Glasses, all of which make a superb Birthday Gift for Him.  Maybe his favourite sport is Football, or Golf, or Fishing? 

In which case you can combine a Standard Engraving Design of a Footballer, Golfer or Fisherman with the commemorative words, deeply engraved into the Glassware or Crystal .


Square Spirit Decanter, Birthday Gift for Him.

A Spirit Decanter for his favourite Malt Whisky – a Birthday Gift for Him

You can get some good advice from any of the Professionals, who will help with the selection of the item and the engraving details, ensuring that your Birthday Gift for Him is really outstanding.  The engraver you choose will become your contact for ensuring that your Birthday Gift for Him arrives on time, delivered to any UK address or even any address in the world – and to the specification you agree.

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Choose from Personalized Glassware and Personalised Crystal.  Or, there is a great range of Crystal Gifts of Champagne Flutes and Tankards to choose from, already decorated - a great cheap Personalised Birthday Gifts Idea.

Stuck for what to engrave on your Personalised Birthday Gifts, or run out of Personalised Birthday Gifts Ideas?  Contact one of The Glass Engravers listed in Directory by email or 'phone for friendly, professional advice.  They will be your contact, from placing your order to receiving delivery.

Advice is willingly given regarding your Personalised Birth Gifts.  There are some great Engraving Designs to choose from and you can commemorate the Giving of Birth in style too.  The correct words, deeply engraved into a piece of Glassware or Lead Crystal will make your Personalised Birth Gifts really stand out.  All Glassware and Lead Crystal can be personalised to your specification (except full cut crystal) and you can place your order online, 24 hours a day, on any Website.  Your Personalised Birth Gift or Personalised Birthday Gifts will arrive, superbly packaged and on time.


Champagne Flute. printed for Birthday Gift.

A great range of Champagne Flutes and Tankards, ready for you to buy now.  Cheap Birthday Gifts!

You can order your Personalised Birthday Gifts especially to commemorate any Birthday, even a 1st Birthday and celebrated in engraved Glassware, Crystal-Glass or Lead Crystal.  A Personalised 1st Birthday Gift will be special and can be a half pint Tankard (also great for Christening Gifts), an Optical Crystal Book or small Vase.

Your choice of Professional will help you with great ideas for your Personalised18th Birthday Gifts, Personalised 21st Birthday Gifts, Personalised 30th Birthday Gifts or Personalised 50th Birthday Gifts.  All these are special ‘milestone’ Birthday Gifts and it’s important to get the item and engraving ‘just right’.  Engravers are there to help you and have a great experience with great Birthday Gift ideas.