School Prizes

Teachers, parents and schools, looking to source good quality, motivational School Prizes, will love the choice on offer from The Glass Engraver’s WebsitesPrinted glasses, emblazoned with the School Crest, are superb, inexpensive options for rewards, incentives and redemption School Prizes for children.

School Fundraising

Schools holding carnivals, fetes or general fundraising, will make the best choice by having goods on display with a high-perceived value, but low cost.  Glassware suits this purpose admirably and will be used and displayed with pride by teachers, students and parents.  School Prizes aside, printed glassware will be purchased for rewards and incentives, for school children to ‘save up’ for.

Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s), Parent-Teacher-Student Associations (PTSA’s) and Parent Teacher Organisations (PTO’s) fundraising and holding carnivals or organising school stores, will all benefit from printed glassware at inexpensive prices, to use as School Prizes or memorabilia.  Church Fairs are also a great community program for schools looking to raise funds by selling School Prizes and mementoes.

More prestigious School Prizes are often awarded for academic achievement:  Mathematics ability, or winning a maths Challenge.  A school prize, for the best biology project, or best academic improvement during a year.  Such high profile School Prizes are well catered for by presenting glass or crystal with the school emblem deep engraved, along with congratulatory words.  This incentivises other pupils, to achieve standards which they were capable of, but were not putting in sufficient effort.

School Prizes for Sports

School Prizes for Sports are also awarded, not simply for winning races or jumping higher than anyone else, but for valiance and additional effort.  Worthwhile causes, recognising additional effort, which is so easily overlooked by tutors and peers.  The school prize for valiance is best awarded in glass or crystal, with the school crest deep engraved, and words to congratulate the extra effort put in by the pupil or scholar.


Engraved glass hiball tumbler, for School Prize.

Engraved glass Hiball makes an ideal School Prize for children.