Gifts for Weddings

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue….

            ….and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Dating back to Victorian times, this rhyme has never been forgotten (maybe apart from the last line?).  It is considered to be ‘good luck’ to have one of each.  Every Bride has their own interpretation.  In addition to which, intertwined with the rhyme, are the gifts for each member of the Wedding Party.

Something Old

This represents the link between The Bride and her family.  Especially her mother and/or grandmother, representing continuity.  Brides will often wear ‘something old’, maybe some jewellery.  Some carry a locket of hair or handkerchief.  Some wear a scarf or a piece of lace.  Some Brides go further and wear their mother’s or grandmother’s Wedding Dress.  It’s good for a Bride to also give a reminder of the day to their mother and a piece of crystal, suitably engraved to commemorate the occasion will be treasured forever.  See ‘Gift for Bride’s Mother’.

Something New

This represents the new life together between the Bride and Groom.  Brides often think of the Wedding Dress as being the ‘new’.  Some consider the Wedding Rings as being more lasting.  The new marriage is sure to last if there is some thought process, prior to The Wedding Day.  A Bride can also give a special gift to her new Husband.  See ‘Bride’s Gift to her Groom’.

Something Borrowed

Traditionally, the Bride ‘borrows’ something from one of her Bridesmaids or Matron of Honour, usually the latter.  The person the Bride ‘borrows’ from must be in a sound relationship, to signify the passing on of some part of the lender’s happiness, for the future happiness of the Bride.  Always returned, the item can be anything from a piece of jewellery to a handkerchief.  It is therefore important that the Bride gives back a special gift in return.  There is no finer gift than a piece of crystal, deeply engraved, commemorating the event.  See ‘Gift for Matron of Honour’ and ‘Gift for Bridesmaids’.

Something Blue

Blue is the colour of virtue and enduring love.  Brides wear blue flowers, blue shoes or even interweave a blue ribbon in their headdress.  A Bride’s show of love is naturally directed towards her Groom, but, on the day, her love is shared between all members of the Wedding Party.  A small gift, known as a Favour, is often the way to pass on a memento of the occasion.  See ‘Wedding Favours’.

And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

This represents wealth and financial security.  For some reason, Brides, while growing up, look to their father, or male figure for financial security!  A gift for the Father of The Bride, carefully selected and suitably engraved is always welcomed.  See ‘Gift for Father of The Bride’.

And Finally

The rhyme is all about the past, the present and the future.  It’s about families and friends, as much as the Bride and Groom.  And, so that we leave no one out, here is a list of the following pages, showing some great ideas of Gifts for the Wedding Party:


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Wedding Favours

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