Balmoral Glass

Buy Balmoral Glass products from a talented Glass Engraver's Website today.  Glass Engraving is offered, for engraved Gifts, Trophies and Corporate use.

Balmoral Glass

Balmoral Glass is a brand name of a popular, value-for-money range of Glassware, which is excellent for Glass Engraving purposes.  Of course, plain, the products in the range are useful additions to any home.


Packaging, always important for presentations, is superb.  There is a choice of either the standard blue box, which is branded ‘Balmoral Glass’ on the front and featuring a ‘legend’ on the rear.  The legend informs your recipient about hand made glass and advises on its care.  Alternatively, for important occasions, you may prefer to select the satin lined box option.  Again, it is branded and features the legend.


 Balmoral Glass Trophy Bowl, engraved for Wedding.

Balmoral Glass Trophy Bowls can be
packaged in blue boxes or satin lined.

Balmoral Glass Range

There is a large selection, suitable for all manner of uses and presentations.  One of the most popular is the Balmoral Glass Rock Tumbler.  Featuring a heavyweight, inverted base, it smacks of real quality, as soon as you take it to hand.

There are Decanters, Fruit Bowls, a Rose Bowl and various shaped Vases.  A popular Decanter is the Ships Decanter, which is suitable for both wines and spirits.  Its design was first used on board ships of the Royal Navy, to stop the Decanter falling over in heavy seas.

There are five different styles of Tankard too.  Balmoral Glass Tankards make super gifts for a man (and half pints for the ladies), especially Best Man gifts or Ushers at a Wedding.

An unusual shape is the Balmoral Glass Firing Glass.  It is of Shot Glass capacity and used during Masonic rituals and toasts.


 Balmoral Glass Ships Decanter, engraved for Squash Trophy.

Balmoral Glass items are packaged
in blue boxes or satin boxes.

Balmoral Glass Engraving

Because Balmoral Glass is so clear, it is excellent for the Glass Engraver to work on.  Featuring large open spaces, the areas allow for a design to be engraved, along with lots of text.  Also because of the glass clarity, Balmoral Glass is suitable for Photoengraving.  Engraving a photograph or graphic image into the glass really makes it special.  “A picture speaks….”!


Balmoral Glass Wine Glasses, engraved with School Crest.

Balmoral Glass wines are available in
singles, pairs or sixes.