Crystal Block

Buy a Crystal Block today, from any of The Glass Engraver Websites.  There are many different shapes of Crystal Block to choose from, mostly under the WhiteFire Optical Crystal and K9 brands.  High quality, solid Crystal Blocks, which can be bespoke engraved for you.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal Blocks are used to celebrate a number of different occasions, as Corporate Awards, Sports Trophies and Gifts.  An important fact is that some Crystal Block qualities ‘yellow’ with age.  WhiteFire Optical Crystal Blocks and K9 Crystal Blocks are guaranteed not to ‘yellow’, because they are made from the finest quality Crystal.  The same quality crystal, which is used for prescription glasses, camera lenses and microscopes, is used to make WhiteFire Optical Crystal Blocks and K9 Optical Crystal Blocks.


Range of Crystal Blocks, for glass engraving.

A large range of different shapes –
and sizes – available in WhiteFire
Optical Crystal Blocks.

Crystal Blocks for Corporate Awards

A large range of shapes is available for you to choose from, all ex-stock in UK.  Crystal Engraving really comes into its own when using Crystal Blocks, because there are many facets and sides, which can potentially be engraved.  A good Glass Engraver (choose yours from The Glass Engraver Websites) will be able to envisage the effect of multiple engravings around a Crystal Block.  They will listen to your needs and engrave different surfaces, so that all reflect within the Crystal Block, creating a fascinating effect within the crystal. 

Crystal Blocks make superb Corporate Gifts & Awards.  Solid Blocks of Crystal make a statement about the company presenting them and this is passed on to the recipient when being displayed on a desk or table.  The corporate logo will be deeply engraved into the Crystal Block, becoming a permanent reminder and cementing relationships between the company and its staff, suppliers or customers.


Optical Crystal Block engraved for Military presentation.

Multiple faces on WhiteFire
Optical Crystal make multiple
engravings reflect within the crystal.

Crystal Blocks for Sports Trophies

The many different shapes and sizes of WhiteFire Optical Crystal Blocks and K9 Optical Crystal Blocks give the sports club a marvellous choice for their Sports Trophies.  The Crystal Block will be engraved with prior planning, to ensure that the most is made of the artwork layouts.  The club crest and appropriate text will be laid out on different specified surfaces, to ensure that the most is made of the shape of the Crystal Block.  This attitude to Crystal Engraving makes for spectacular effects within the crystal.  Contact your choice of The Glass Engraver Website (either the closest to you, or one who specialises in Sports Trophies) and ask for assistance with your order – or you can order online and pay securely using PayPal or credit card.


Optical Crystal Block, 3D engraved.

Crystal Blocks for Sports Trophies,
Corporate Awards and Gifts

Crystal Blocks for Gifts

WhiteFire and K9 Optical Crystal Blocks make fantastic Personal Gifts.  Solid Blocks of Crystal, suitably engraved to commemorate a special occasion, are possibly more special than any other form of Glassware or Crystal Glass.  Imagine a Wedding Gift, where the Bride and Groom’s surnames have been researched for their Heraldic Crests.  The artwork is drawn up and each crest engraved on a different surface.  On a third surface, the words commemorating the marriage, perhaps with a Celtic Swans design, above, to ‘lift’ the engraving.

The Crystal Block will reflect the three engravings within the crystal, combining them as a whole, when viewed at a certain angle.  Your choice of The Glass Engraver Website will enable you to order online, or contact them for friendly, professional advice.

Personalised Blocks

As we have confirmed above, Personalised Blocks make a superb Gift, Sporting Trophy or an Award for a corporate business.  When Personalised Blocks are prepared for a customer, great attention is paid to the eventual outcome of the finished item.  It is important to every  Professional Glass Engraver that the eventual presentation of Personalised Blocks creates a Wow factor!  Personalised Blocks from the WhiteFire Optical Crystal range are supplied in dark blue rigid caskets, lined with velvet.  K9 Optical Crystal Personalised Blocks are supplied in rigid boxes lined with satin or black foam, cushioning them from any knocks during delivery.

You can buy a Personalised Glass Block today, engraved to your specification, including your own corporate logo, sports club crest or, select a design from the library of designs available on every Glass Engraver Website


 Block of Crystal, engraved 3D image of microphone.

A Personalised Block of crystal, with
3D Microphone inside, for a Radio Station.

Select your choice of Glass Engraver from the one closest to you geographically, or one who specialises in your needs.  Your Personalised Glass Block order will be welcomed and looked after by experienced people who know and understand Glass Engraving.  Your Personalised Glass Block will be delivered in perfect condition, to specification and on time.