Glass Star Trophies

Buy Glass Star Trophies today from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  A large range is available for your selection and current stock levels shown, are always up-to-date.

Stars of Sports and Commerce deserve a Trophy that denotes that they are indeed Stars!  Thus, there are many different shapes and styles of Glass Star Trophies.  Blocks of crystal, in the shape of a Star, Crystal cut out in the shape of a Star and blocks of crystal with chromium Stars.  The choice is indeed vast.

Glass Star Trophies can be engraved to your specifications, to suit any event.  Listed Glass Engravers are knowledgeable people, who will be pleased to assist at any stage of your selection or specification process. 


Glass Star Trophy with space for engraving.

Glass Star Trophies are
available in many forms
on the Websites.

Simply contact one who is either geographically close to you, or who specialises in your particular needs. From that point forward, they will be your contact to ensure that you get what you want, where you want it, when you want it!

Glass Star Trophies for Sports Trophies look really good when the club or association crest has been deeply engraved into the Crystal.  Some Glass Star Trophies are available as Flat Glass and the club crest will look superior if it has been engraved into the rear surface of the glass, with the design viewed through the glass.  The text should then be engraved into the front surface.  This distances the crest and the text, making the most out of the thickness of the glass.


Standing Optical Glass Star, engraveable.

Glass Star Trophies in
Optical Crystal.

Glass Star Trophies for Corporate Awards also look more professional when they feature a design in the form of the corporate logo.  A layout, as described above, looks much more fascinating when engraved on different surfaces.  Glass Star Trophies are available in the form of blocks of crystal and engraving more than one surface makes the design and words reflect within the glass, intermingling with each other.  A little imagination by the Glass Engraver goes a long way when making the most of the Glass Star Trophy shapes available.  Contact a knowledgeable engraver today!


Glass Star Trophy with space to engrave.

Glass Star Trophy with
chrome star