Night Set

Buy a Night Set, plain, printed or engraved to your specification, from any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  Night Sets make superb Gifts and are also very popular with the hotel trade.

Night Set

Engravers have just one Night Set to offer, but it is good quality and is well designed.  Packaging is in a blue branded box, which has a 'legend' on the outside, describing the method of manufacture and advising on care of the Night Set.

Branded Balmoral Glass, the Night Set is part of a larger range of Glassware which is mouth blown.

Night Sets are useful, which is why they make such good and unusual Gifts.  They are also very suitable for Corporate Gifts, where a relatively inexpensive but highly valued present will not contravene any 'anti-alcohol' reserves the company may have.

"Balmoral Glass" Night Set. Water Carafe & Tumbler.

The 'Balmoral Glass' Night Set

Night Sets can also be engraved or printed with a logo or crest.  Generic Designs are available in a library on every Website, suitable to add to a message engraved for a personal Gift.  You can place your order online, or contact your choice of engraver for help and advice.

Printing is a budget busting option where larger quantities of Night Sets are required (24+).  A frost colour print looks just like Glass Engraving in colour and defies even glass engravers at times.  The print is not guaranteed for dishwashing, despite extensive and successful testing.  Night Sets can be printed in anything up to 4 colours, beyond which, a more expensive form of printing will be required, which will be dishwasher proof too.  You can order Night Sets to be printed online  and upload your crest or logo too.  You can elect to have just the Carafe printed or the Tumbler as well.


Night Sets can also be used as Carafes.  Dispensing with the Tumbler, the Carafe can be used as a Wine Carafe or Water Carafe.  This makes the Night Set even more useful!

Branded Balmoral Glass Water or Wine Carafe.

Dispense with the Tumbler and your Night Set becomes a useful Carafe