Want to buy a Tantalus?  Buy one today, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  Tantalus are available with either Panelled Crystal Decanters or Fully Cut Crystal Decanters.

The Tantalus with the panelled version of decanters is suitable for Crystal Engraving, while the Tantalus with the fully cut version of decanters is not suitable for engraving purposes.

Tantalus make excellent presentation pieces and are suitable for Gifts, Corporate Awards and Sports Trophies.

Your choice of engraver can arrange for engraving both decanters in the Tantalus and will provide 'proofs' on request.  Imagine a Tantalus being given as a Wedding Present.  Each Decanter engraved with a Heraldic Crest, one the Bride's family crest and the other, the Groom's.  Suitable words commemorating the wedding on one decanter and a personal message on the second.  The joining of two families, represented by the two decanters, inside one Tantalus (representing the 'house').  There would be few Gifts finer, to present to a couple




A Tantalus. Cut crystal decanters for engraving.

A Tantalus with Panelled Crystal Decanters is suitable for engraving.

Your order for a Tantalus can be delivered anywhere in the UK, or indeed worldwide.  Simply enter the correct address for delivery at the online checkout of any engraver's website and it will correctly calculate the cost of carriage for you.

The word Tantalus is an unusual one and comes from the verb 'to tantalise'.  The closed Tantalus, with the decanters still showing is, in itself, tantalising; meaning the decanters are out of the reach of others.  Many years ago, when the Lord of the Manor employed staff, the Tantalus would have had a lock and key.  The key was retained by the Lord and only produced when he was in the vicinity and required refreshment.  Afterwards, the Tantalus was locked and the key returned to the Lord.  The staff were indeed 'tantalised' by the spirit within sight; but unattainable.

The Tantalus sold by The Glass Engravers, is named after the Story of Tantalus, a Greek mythological figure, who was indeed a wicked man, which you can read about in Wikipedia and scroll down to 'Story of Tantalus'


A Tantalus with fully cut crystal Decanters.

A Tantalus with Fully Cut Decanters makes an excellent 'instant Gift'.