Buy a Decanter today, from a Professional Engraver's Website.  There is a great range of Decanters available, in every conceivable style.  Glass Decanters, Crystal Glass Decanters and Crystal Decanters, are available ex-stock.

Range of Decanters

Decanters are available in an array of different shapes: Whisky Decanter, Whiskey Decanter, Wine Decanter, Port Decanter, Claret Decanter, Ships Decanter and Carafe shapes.  Decanters make great Gifts, Corporate Awards and Sporting Trophies

What is a Decanter?

A Decanter is used to ‘decant’ a wine or spirit from a bottle, where it may have sediment, to a more aesthetically pleasing container – a Decanter.  Wines are more likely to have sediment than spirits, although spirits arguably stay on display for longer.  This makes the decision for having a range of different Decanters more plausible.


"Royal" Spirit Decanter Crystal-Glass. For engraving.

A Crystal Glass Decanter with Satin Box


Glass and Crystal Decanters

Because Decanters have a reasonable area of engraving space, they are very widely used as presentation pieces.  Naturally, ‘Fully Cut’ Decanters are not suitable for engraving, but make good ad-hoc GiftsGlass Decanters and Crystal Glass Decanters (those without any cutting) can be engraved on any or all four sides.  Crystal Decanters are made from 24% Lead Crystal and are hand or machine cut, leaving a single side free of cutting and therefore suitable for Crystal Engraving.

Decanters for Trophies Plus

Engraved Decanters make superb presents for Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays.  Corporate customers give Decanters, suitably engraved, for Sales Awards, Retirements and Business Gifts.  A Decanter also makes a great Golf Prize or Bowling Trophy.  Suitably engraved to commemorate or congratulate, a Decanter is always an acceptable prize, award or gift.


24% lead crystal Ships Decanter. For Engraving.

A Ships Decanter with Satin Box

Decanters, like all Glassware and Crystal, benefit from an engraving having a design to accompany the words.  Words alone on an engraved piece of glass or crystal look ‘flat’ – add a design and it ‘lifts’ the whole engraving.

Decanters look superb when presented in a satin lined box and all of The Glass Engravers Websites offer this form of packaging.  A club or corporate body may elect to have their crest or logo hot foil blocked on the lid of the box, making the presentation very special.

The Decanter is a superb website, where one can learn about wine, with current news about new wines and decanting wines.


Decanter and six glasses set, for engraving.

A Decanter Set makes a Great Gift!