Crystal Decanter

Buy your Crystal Decanter from any Professional Glass Engraver Website, where there is a large range of Crystal Decanters. 

Crystal Decanters

When we term Crystal in the context of glassmaking, it denotes a certain percentage of lead or other specified oxides before a decanter can be named a Crystal Glass Decanter.  For a Crystal Decanter to be named a 24% Lead Crystal Decanter, it needs to have, as its name suggests, 24% of lead oxide in the mix.  Adding weight and colour, this aids the prismatic effects through the cuts of a Panelled Lead Crystal Decanter, or Fully Cut Lead Crystal Decanter.


Georgian style 24% lead crystal decanter, for engraving.

A Georgian Style Crystal Decanter in
Cut Glass Decanter’ style.

Range of Crystal Decanters

There are a number of interesting shapes of Crystal Decanters available ex-stock from The Glass Engraver Websites.  Packaged in their original boxes (some white, some brown or coloured), these Crystal Decanters are known as the Earle Range.  The same Crystal Decanter, repackaged in a Satin Lined Box, is branded Inverness Crystal, an increasingly well-known brand of Crystal. If you wish to present a Crystal Decanter formally, then the Inverness Crystal range is suggested, due to its packaging.

Many Inverness Crystal Decanters are available as Decanters Sets, packaged in a Satin Lined Box with a pair of Tumblers.  Perhaps an even more ‘up-market’ Gift is a Whisky Set, comprising of a Crystal Decanter, a pair of Tumblers and a Figure of Eight Tray or, with 4 Tumblers, a Hide Tray.  A highly intriguing way to present a pair of Crystal Decanters is in a Tantalus.


"Inverness Crystal" Square Spirit Decanter, for engraving.

An Inverness Crystal Whisky
Decanter includes
a branded Satin Box.

Crystal Decanters and Lead Crystal Decanters are an excellent medium for Glass Engraving.  A good area is available for including a design along with commemorative words.  A design, which can be a logo, crest or generic design, available in a library from all Glass Engraver Websites, will ‘lift’ the words and make the engraving layout far more appealing.

Bohemia Crystal Decanter

The Bohemia region of the Czech Republic is a large glass and crystal-making region.  Bohemia Crystal Decanters enjoy a world-renown for quality.  Poland is also a producer, but unfortunately, their biggest factory fell foul of increasing fuel bills and folded in 2011.  Bohemia Crystal Decanters feature in what The Glass Engraver  Websites call the Earle Range. 


"Inverness Crystal" Wine Decanter, for engraving.

An Inverness Crystal Wine
Decanter with its timeless
facetted stopper.