Rose Bowl

Buy a Rose Bowl today, from a Glass Engraver's Website.  There is a good range of Rose Bowls available, in many different shapes, available ex-stock.  You can buy Glass Rose Bowls, Crystal Rose Bowls or Lead Crystal Rose Bowls.

Rose Bowl 

Rose Bowls are supplied with a ‘net’, to separate the blooms and make the most of the rich display of flowers.  These days, it is possible to buy roses all year round, mostly grown along the Nairobi – Mombasa road and up-country in Kenya.  Therefore, a Rose Bowl will make a permanent fixture as a table centrepiece and makes a great Gift.

Glass Rose Bowl

Balmoral Glass Rose Bowls are mouth blown and hand finished to a high quality.  Packaged in a distinctive blue Balmoral Glass branded box, with a ‘legend’, which has interesting facts about the Rose Bowl’s method of manufacture and some guidelines on after-care, this is a Rose Bowl, which is ideal for Glass Engraving and makes a great Sports Trophy or Corporate Gift for ladies. 

Glass Rose Bowls make extremely useful presentation pieces and you can be assured that your choice of a Glass Rose Bowl will be made use of and displayed for a very long time.  Whether your Glass Rose Bowl is used for personal, sports or corporate needs, your logo, crest and commemorative wording will be on display, enhancing your image.

Glass Rose Bowls are great for engraving and there’s plenty of space for any amount of words and designs – be they a corporate crest, a club’s logo or a design selected from the library available on all The Glass Engravers Websites.


"Balmoral Glass" Rose Bowl, complete with ‘net’.

A Balmoral Glass Rose Bowl, complete with ‘net’

Crystal Rose Bowls 

Inverness Crystal is synonymous with quality.  Inverness Crystal Rose Bowls are mouth blown and hand cut in 24% lead crystal.  This material has the advantage that the lead oxide in the mix collects light and refracts it in a rainbow of colours.  Filled with flowers, your Inverness Crystal Rose Bowl will also collect the colours of the flowers and reflect them in the crystal.

Packaged in a distinctive satin lined box, branded with the Inverness Crystal logo, your presentation will be remembered by all present.  Packaging does count, where high profile presentations are concerned! 

Because lead crystal weighs more than glass, your Inverness Crystal Rose Bowl will also be admired for its substance and passed hand-to-hand, drawing admiring glances from all present at your ceremony.  Each Rose Bowl has a panel of clear crystal for Crystal Engraving, making them ideal for commemorating any event.  While being passed around, your message, including corporate logo, club crest or a generic design selected from the library on every Glass Engraver's Website, will be embedded in each persons mind.


"Inverness Crystal" Rose Bowl, complete with ‘net’.

An Inverness Crystal Rose Bowl, complete with ‘net’

Engraved Rose Bowl

Imagine being presented with a beautiful Rose Bowl, deeply engraved with a message to commemorate your latest event, achievement or win.  Everyone loves to see their name ‘carved’ into glass – remember the tree, with initials and a heart engraved?  We can all identify with that image!  Well, the beauty of glassware and lead crystal is that this same image is easily achieved, when using the services of a professional Glass Engraver.

But, don’t forget the ‘heart’ in the carving on the tree.  Words alone are not enough.  It takes a design to ‘lift’ an engraving.  A corporate logo or club crest incorporated into the Engraved Rose Bowl make the whole vision complete.  For personal ‘Gifts’, every Glass Engraver has a library of designs to select from, suitable for every occasion, sport and even Heraldry.