School Award

The Glass Engraver’s Websites offer many different styles of School Award, from the simple School Medal, to high quality, prestigious Optical Crystal Plaques

You can buy a School Award online, or contact with a Professional Glass Engraver can be made by telephone or email.  Friendly, courteous and professional service can be expected.  Proofs are readily presented and deliveries made on time, using efficient carrier services to any address in the UK and beyond.

School Awards made in Britain

If you are looking for a School Award, which has been wholly manufactured in the UK, then you need look no further.  Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks have been made by hand in The Scottish Highlands.  They are eminently suitable as a School Award, when deep engraved with the Academic Crest and commemorative wording.

Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks have been manufactured from 12mm (1/2”) thick Jade Glass and feature unique edges that are rugged by sight, but smooth to touch.  To make the most out of Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks, we suggest that both front and rear surfaces are utilised for engraving e.g. the Academic Crest on the rear face and supporting text on the front face.  The depth of the glass adds another dimension to the engraving when both surfaces are used in this way.


 Optical Crystal Book, engraved for School Award.

A high quality WhiteFire Optical Crystal ‘Book’, engraved for an Award.

Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks feature ‘sticky feet’, to save the plinth from scratching.  Packaging is important for a School Award and these products are packaged in rigid blue boxes, with the product lying on its back for better display of the engraving at presentation.  The boxes are branded and also contain a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing their provenance.

School Awards

School Awards are vital as a benchmark for the success of a school’s efforts in disciplining itself to attain these new standards.  The time and effort that pupils, teachers and the support staff put into attaining new standards is tremendous.  It is therefore fitting that School Awards reflect this effort.

School Awards are being presented to winning bodies that have successfully implemented programs for reducing waste in terms of energy and food.  The British Council involves itself in School Awards for teachers and their schools, who are embracing an international and global experience into the teaching of young people.  Other School Awards are presented for strategy in terms of websites and financial planning.


Glass plaque, made in UK, engraved for School Award.

Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks are hand made in UK and make an excellent School Award.

Church School Awards

Many and various School Awards are presented every year.  The Church also involves itself in presenting School Awards.  Launched in 2010, the Church School Awards are open for all Church Schools to enter for the School Awards.  The aim of the School Awards is to promote the work “in the areas of community cohesion and global citizenship”.  Specifically tailored to the Christian society and those in Christian education, these School Awards are awarded to a school whose students, teachers, governors and staff work with local communities and worldwide in an exemplary fashion.