Sporting Medal

Buy a Medal today, from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  Some offer a superb range of metal or resin Medal, in brass, gold or silver and fast turnaround, if you need your Medal engraved.  There are also large discounts for multiple Medal orders.

Medal designs are numerous, with options to have Sporting Medal designs, including a football design Medal, golf design Medal, cricket Medal, swimming Medal rugby Medal and even a stopwatch Medal, along with special Medal packs.  Medal boxes and Medal ribbons are also available separately.

They offer a range of milled Medal, spiral Medal and layered Medal, with special Medal options for special occasions.  Of course, there are the traditional Bronze Medal, Silver Medal and Gold Medal options.  A selection of different sized Medal are available, with 40mm, 45mm and 50mm options seeming to be the most popular.


metal football medal, engraved. Ribbon & Box available.

A large range of different shapes – and sizes – available in many types  of Medal

A very popular Medal is the running Medal.  A variety of different options to select from on selected Websites, which you will be able to see here.  Speciality Medal selections are the stone Medal, starred Medal and rosette Medal, all of which can be purchased online.

All the current talk is of the UK Olympic Medal winners during the 2012 Olympics, with Britain coming 3rd in the Medal league.  It was a fantastic accrual of Medal winners at the finish, with Chris Hoy being the toast of UK and particularly Scotland.  At last, Andy Murray won not only an Olympic Medal, but the Grand Slam too! 

Crystal Medal

All The Glass Engravers supply a Crystal Medal of superior quality.  The Crystal Medal is 3” (75mm) in diameter and made from pure, solid WhiteFire Optical Crystal.  Each Crystal Medal is packaged in a superb rigid casket, lined with velvet.  The Crystal Medal does not cost as much as you think it may, either, with many hundreds sold annually.


3" Crystal Medal with ribbon in box, for engraving.

A 3” Crystal Medal, available from all The Glass Engraver's Websites

The beauty of a Crystal Medal is that it can be engraved on either or both faces.  If the Crystal Medal is engraved just on one face, we suggest you discuss with the engraver of your choice, the engraving of the rear face, so that you look through the Crystal Medal to see the engraving coming towards you.  Having pictured that in your mind, now consider having the Crystal Medal engraved on both sides.  Maybe the Crystal Medal can be engraved with a club crest on one side, at the top and the words engraved on the other side at the bottom.  The thickness of the Crystal Medal will create an almost 3D effect.

Supplied with a mid-blue Medal Ribbon, this is a superb and superior Crystal Medal, which will prove popular with all sports winners.  Because it is boxed in a rigid box, delivery is safe and secure and can be made to any address in the UK or indeed, worldwide.

Medals and Awards

Buy Medals and Awards from any of the Glass Engravers Websites.  Medals and Awards in Glassware, Crystal Glass, Lead Crystal or Optical Crystal are available to buy online, any time of the day or week.

Some engravers also offer Medals and Awards in a variety of other materials, in astonishingly large ranges and sizes.  If you are looking for ‘non-glass’ Medals and Awards, you can make your selection from the Engravers Directory.

Engravers can deliver your order for Medals and Awards to any UK destination or anywhere in the world.  Their website will correctly calculate any carriage charge for Glass and Crystal Medals and Awards.

Engraved Medals

If you are looking for crystal Engraved Medals, then Glass Engraving is a speciality of all of them - and Glass Printing too.  The later can save a lot of cash and make busting a budget easy.  Contact the engraver of your choice for professional and friendly advice.

If you are looking for metal Engraved Medals, look no further.  Some engravers have the latest equipment and machinery for producing Engraved Medals in metal and resin types, with a variety of sizes and almost every sport one can imagine.  Prices for Engraved Medals depend on quantity and you will be wise to select someone who specialises in Engraved Medals.  Contact them by email or telephone and discuss your requirements.  They will be your first contact from placing your order to receiving delivery anywhere in the UK.  You can also have Engraved Medals delivered worldwide too.

Medals and Trophies

If you need a combination of Medals and Trophies in Glassware, Crystal and/or Metal and Resin, then a specialist engraver will be able to assist with competitive quotations and on time delivery.  A good selection of glass and crystal Medals and Trophies is available to you by visiting any of the engravers websites and you can buy Medals and Trophies online at any time.

Medals and Ribbons

All engravers can supply beautiful Crystal Medals and Ribbons, packaged in a velvet-lined casket.  They are all specialists in Crystal Engraving and will supply your Medals and Ribbons promptly, to any UK or worldwide address.

Medals and Ribbons are available in many different styles and for almost every sport played in the UK, from some of The Glass Engravers – select one who is a specialist.  Medals and Ribbons are available in different sizes and with different colours of ribbons too.

You can view a large range of Medals and Ribbons online and place your order too.  Alternatively, contact the engraver of your choice, for old-fashioned customer service and satisfy yourself that your order is in safe hands, for delivery to any address you stipulate.  A list of the engraving for each of your Medals and Ribbons can be supplied and will appear on your confirmed order.

Glass Medal

Looking for a Glass Medal?  You have come to the home of The Glass Engraver's Websites, where a superb Glass Medal is on offer.  All of them offer the service of Glass Engraving for your Glass Medal to be engraved with almost any sporting design and words.

The Glass Medal is, in fact, solid Optical Crystal.  Medals and Ribbons are supplied as standard and they are also packed in a superb velvet lined casket, with a magnetic lid, which closes with a ‘clunk’.  A blue ribbon is standard and supplied with each Glass Medal.

The Glass Engraver suggests you discuss the engraving of your Glass Medals with the engraver of your choice (either the one geographically close to you, or one who specialises in your needs).  The Glass Medal can be engraved on just one side, or both sides.  If it is to be engraved on just one side, it is suggested that the engraving is ‘back-to-front’, so that when you turn the Glass Medal over, you see the engraving reading correctly.  There is a certain fascination about looking through the Glass Medal at the engraving coming towards you..!  Engraving your Glass Medal on both sides means having part of the engraving near the top and part, on the other side, below.  This makes the most of the thickness of the glass and adds even more fascination.  You will end up with a superior looking Glass Medal.



A Glass Medal, available from all of The Glass Engraver's Websites.

Glass Printing is also available from all of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  It is a budget-busting way of producing Glass Medals with the same information on each.  Ask your chosen engraver for details, or place your order online, on any of their websites.