Not the Plaque that grows on teeth; the Plaque that is mounted onto a wall, to commemorate an event or person!  Buy Commemorative Plaques from one of The Glass Engraver's Websites

Award Plaques

A Plaque may be engraved or personalised, to Award a person for excellence and, combined with a logo or crest, along with suitable words engraved into its surface, becomes a point of focus for others.

Corporate Plaques

A Plaque can be engraved to commemorate the opening of a bridge or building.  These Commemorative Plaques are known as Corporate Plaques and very popular for many other different corporate purposes.


Self-supporting Plaque, engraved for Employee Award.

Range of sizes available for these self-supporting Glass Plaques.

Trophy Plaques are, as their name suggests, Plaques in the spirit of a Trophy, presented to a winner or runner up of a Sporting Event . Engraved Plaques, with a club logo and text to celebrate the winner’s achievement make great trophies.

Plaques for all purposes are available from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.  A range of different Glassware and Crystal Plaques are available from any engraver and some websites also offer metal, plastic, wood and resin forms of Plaque too.  Engraved Plaques are also available, bespoke engraved to suit their purpose.

Wall Plaques

Wall Plaques are designed specifically for fitting on to a wall and are supplied with a Wall Plaque fitting kit, which consists of a backing with screws.  A ‘keyhole’ slot is cut into the back and slots over the screw in a wall. 


A black Mirror Glass Plaque, engraved for Corporate use.

A Corporate Plaque to commemorate the opening of a bridge

The Glass Engravers supply Ice Block Wall Plaques, (Glass Wall Plaques) with a wood board and specially hand made (in The Highlands of Scotland) 12mm thick piece of Jade Glass to mount in front of it.  Wall Plaques UK manufactured.  The jade glass features edges that look rugged, but are smooth to touch.

Want to buy Personalized Wall Plaques? The Glass Wall Plaques can be engraved on one or both surfaces.  If both surfaces are engraved, it is suggested that part of the engraving (maybe a corporate logo) is engraved at the top of one surface and the balance of the engraving (the text) is placed below, on the other surface.  The thickness of the glass separating the engravings, adds to the fascination of these unique Personalised Wall Plaques. 

The glass and wood are mounted together, using mirror screws and stainless steel barrels, distancing them.  The wood of the Wall Plaque offers both portrait and landscape mountings, making it suitable for either orientation.


"Ice Block" wall plaque, engraved for Corporate use.

A Personalised Wall Plaque for a Hotel.  Ice Block Wall Plaques are available from all engravers.

Glass Plaque and Crystal Plaque

In addition to the Ice Block Wall Plaque mentioned above, there are a range of desk friendly Glass Plaques and Crystal Plaques.  Look in the Shop, under Flat Glass Awards, on any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.

Rock Tablets and Ice Blocks are favourites and are hand made in The Highlands of Scotland.  Each Glass Plaque is supplied with a certificate of authenticity, rolled and tied with tartan ribbon, guaranteeing its provenance.  Both feature rugged edges that are smooth to touch; a feature of the rugged landscape of The Highlands!  Packaged in rigid blue boxes, which are branded with the individual names of the Glass Plaques, they make superb trophy, award or presentation pieces.


Black Plaque, engraved for Football Club.

A recognition award, for a Football Club.  A black mirror Glass Plaque.

A very large range of Crystal Plaques is also available on The Glass Engravers Websites.  The WhiteFire Crystal Plaque shapes can also be found under Flat Glass Awards in any Shop.  Made from solid Optical Crystal, each Crystal Plaque is supplied in a velvet-lined casket, branded with the WhiteFire logo.  Super-thick crystal that looks superb when both surfaces are engraved, making the most of the thickness of the Crystal.  WhiteFire Crystal Plaques are manufactured from K9 grade Optical Crystal, meaning that the quality is the same as that used for optical perfection in camera lenses and will not ‘yellow’ over time.

If you are looking for a ‘desk friendly’ Plaque, then please look for Rock Tablets, Ice Blocks and WhiteFire in any engraver's Shop.

Engraved Plaques

To buy an Engraved Plaque, visit The Glass Engraver's Websites page.  All are proficient at Glass Engraving and can supply Engraved Glass Plaques.  Some excel at the engraving services for other materials too, like wood, resin and metals and you can select one from their approved listings.


Crystal Plaque, engraved for Corporate Use.

An Optical Crystal Personalised Plaque for a corporate customer.

Glass Engraving and Crystal Engraving are not necessarily ‘art-forms’, but they do require a level of knowledge, which all engravers have been trained in.  Engraved Plaques are the life-blood of all engravers and, to buy an Engraved Plaque, you need only make a visit to the engraver's page, to find a Plaque Engraver and then either buy online or contact your selected engraver by ‘phone or email for professional assistance.

Plaques and Engraving are available to buy online and you can also upload your own logo, for Personalised Plaques suitable for any trophy, award or presentation.  Engraved Plaques take a few days to prepare, so please allow your selected engraver time to provide a proof (for your Plaque Engraved to specification), engrave and deliver.

Delivery of an Engraved Plaque, or several Engraved Plaques, can be made to any address you desire, worldwide.  Simply allow additional time for distant addresses.  All Plaques are supplied on or before the date specified, this is a sacred part of the life of a Plaque Engraver!


Presentation Plaque for Army achievement.

An Engraved Plaque for a Regimental presentation, also infilled with gold.

Personalised Plaques

Personalised Plaques – or Personalized Plaques, depending on your preferred spelling, are available from all of The Glass Engravers websites.  Personalised Plaques are engraved to your specifications, for awards, trophies and presentations.  Personalized Wall Plaques and ‘desk-friendly’ Engraving Plaques are supplied in many forms, glass being very popular.  Also available from some engravers are wooden Personalized Plaques.

Your selected Plaque Engraver will accept your order if placed online, or will respond promptly to emails and ‘phone calls asking for advice.  Ask for a proof of each Personalised Plaque layout, so that you can be satisfied as to the specification of your Personalised Plaques.


Personalised Plaque for Employee of the Month Award.

A Personalised Plaque for a supermarket chain. A Corporate Award.