Football Gift

Personalised Football Gifts

What about all the non-team members of your Football Club, who have helped in many other ways?  The wives, girlfriends and partners who have washed kit, cheered on the sidelines and devoted many hours in support, all deserve Personalised Football Gifts?

If you are planning a sit down dinner or stand up buffet, prior to your Football Trophy ceremony, then small Personalised Football Gifts will be well received.  We make a suggestion here, but there are many other Personalised Football Gifts to choose from on The Glass Engravers Websites

The ‘Balmoral Glass’ Tea Light Holder can be branded inexpensively with a Frost Print, which looks just like Glass Engraving, except you cannot dig your fingernail into it.  Supplied complete with tea light, in a distinctive, branded blue rigid box.  They are useful and valued Personalised Football Gifts, which will be displayed with pride.


Printed or engraved glass Football Gift.

 Tea Light Holder,
incl Tea Light

Collectible Football Gifts

Alternatively, to keep your non-team members coming back to help, give them collectible Personalised Football Gifts.  Glass or Crystal Wine Glasses, Tumblers or Glasses are collected to make a set.  There are some superb sets of ‘Stemware’ available on The Glass Engravers Websites. These can also be personalized  with your club crest.  The ladies in particular (including the wives and girlfriends of your male helpers!) will love the idea of collecting special Personalised Football Gifts.

The Claudia Wine Glass is a super Crystal-Glass item, available in a variety of sizes.  It can be Printed at very low cost, making Cheap Personalised Football Gifts.


Engraved or printed Claudia Wine Glasses for Football Gifts.

Claudia Wine Glass

Football Gifts for Men

The Football Mad man in your life will love to have his own Beer Glass or Tankard, engraved with the name of his team (sorry, top football clubs protect their crests copyright, so they cannot be used) and his name.  Okay, instead of e.g. Arsenal FC, he could be named “Gunner Steve”?  His friends will be envious of your choice of Football Gift for Men.

The Glass Engravers Websites have a huge selection of Beer Glasses and Tankards to choose from, at all manner of different prices.  You are bound to find a Football Gift for Men there.  An alternative Football Gift for Men is his own Cut Crystal Whisky Tumbler.  A high quality 24% Lead Crystal Whisky Glass, engraved with his name and the name of the Football Club he supports.


Engraved lead crystal beer glass Football Gift for a man.

a 24% Lead Crystal Beer Glass,
engraved with his team
name and his name

Football Presents

For the Football Present of a lifetime, take a look at the WhiteFire Optical Crystal Football in Hand.  It is the ultimate in high quality Football Presents.  The item is made from solid Optical Crystal.  The base is made from 3 separate component parts, the base, the ‘wrist’ and the ‘hand’ and each has been individually cut, ground and polished by hand.  The football has been deep engraved and the whole object weighs 3.7Kgs.

There’s a special thing about this Football in Hand.  The ‘engineering’ is so good, that the football will spin in the hand..!  It truly is a Football Present to be proud to give and delightful to receive.  The football mad person in your life will be delighted that, we can guarantee.  You can buy these beautiful Football Presents from any of The Glass Engraver's Websites.

Optical crystal Football in Hand Football Gift.

 Optical Crystal Football in Hand –
it Spins!

Football Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Football Gift Ideas, then take a look at any of The Glass Engravers Websites.  Find the one nearest to you, or one that specialises in Football.  There are some great Football Gift Ideas above and, to the right, is another great Football Gift Idea.  It is solid WhiteFire Optical Crystal and weighs nearly 1.5Kg.  There are others, of different sizes and the heaviest weighs a whopping 25Kgs – that’s right, the same as a sack of spuds! The WhiteFire Optical Crystal Football on Base is one of many superb Football Gift Ideas.  WhiteFire is the best Optical Crystal you can buy and is supplied in a velvet lined casket with a lid that closes with the ‘clunk’ of a Rolls Royce car door!  Take a look now at more great Football Gift Ideas on any of The Glass Engravers Websites.


Optical crystal Football on base. Football Gift idea.

Spinning solid optical crystal
Football on Base