Army Glass

You can buy Army Glass from The Glass Engraver Websites.  You can also buy Army Trophies, Army Gifts, Army Plaques or Mess Glass, Deep Engraved or Printed to suit your needs and budget.

Army Glass can be purchased in a variety of sizes, to suit the relevant drinks being served.  White wine, red wine, claret, port, champagne and spirits are all catered for in the same wine suite.  All the Army Glass sizes can be Deep Engraved or Printed with the Regimental Crest, to enhance the dinner table.

Your order for Army Glass can be delivered to any address in the world, using the services of ParcelForce.  All will be packed securely, to arrive with you safely.  Army Glass, when Printed, offers an inexpensive alternative to Glass Engraving and helps tight budgets.


Range of Army glassware for Mess Nights.

A full range of sizes of Army Glass in one suite.

Mess Glass

Mess Glass can be bought today from your choice of The Glass Engraver Websites.  Your selection of Glass Engraver will give you top class service in helping you select the correct range of Mess Glass for your needs.  Mess Glass is available in all sizes, within a single suite.  You can select Mess Glass for different sizes of Tumblers and Wine Glasses.  Whisky and brandy glasses are available and wines are available in up to 5 different sizes.


Range of "Laura" Crystal stemware for Army glassware.

A full Crystal range of sizes from 2oz…


Range of glass for Army functions, all for engraving.

…to 9oz in Mess Glass (Laura Crystal)

Your Mess Glass can be either Deep Engraved or, to cut budgets, Printed. A frost colour print looks very similar to the colour of engraving and confuses the experts!  Personalised Mess Glass makes a great difference to a dining table, so your Military Crest, emblazoned on each piece of Mess Glass will have a positive impact.

Army Trophies

A large range of Glassware, Crystal Glass and Lead Crystal are available from all of The Glass Engraver Websites.  All can be individually engraved with the Regimental Crest and text, to commemorate the event, making memorable Army Trophies.  Each Army Trophy will be packaged individually, for easy handling and transportation and can be delivered to you, at any worldwide destination.

Glass Army Trophies stand out from an ordinary Trophy.  They can be useful too, by using the glass to celebrate the win!  Because glass and crystal have high-perceived values when deep engraved, they will not be put in a drawer and forgotten about.  Your Army Trophies will stand the test of time and be displayed with pride, for all to see.

  Army Trophy engraved in Optical Crystal.

Army Trophies in hundreds of different styles

Select your Website and order online, or make contact with the Engraver of your choice for professional service and friendly advice.  They will be your point of contact for your Army Trophies from placing your order, to delivery.  You can request ‘proofs’ for each Army Trophy, to ensure your specifications are correct.  Each Army Trophy will then be individually engraved, packaged and despatched with the greatest of quality control.


Army Plaques

Buy Army Plaques from any of The Glass Engraver Websites today.  Army Plaques with a difference – they are made from glass and timber and look astonishing!  The edges of the glass are unique.  Made by hand in The Highlands of Scotland, the edge looks rugged, yet is as smooth as silk. The glass and mahogany effect timber are mounted together using stainless steel cylinders and mirror screws.  Named Ice Block Wall Plaques, they make fine Army Plaques, suitable for presentation and enhance any wall.


Wood and glass plaque for Army use, for engraving.

Army Plaque, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland, named an Ice Block Plaque


Black Mirror Army Plaque, engraved for Regiment.

Black Mirror Plaque, engraved for an Army Commemoration

Army Plaques can be hung in either orientation, by using a simple picture hook.  The glass will be Deep Engraved with the Regimental Crest and appropriate words, to suit the occasion.  Your Army Plaque can be delivered to any worldwide address and will be suitably packaged.

You can place your order online, 24 hours a day.  Alternatively, contact the Glass Engraver of your choice for fast and friendly service.  They can provide you with a proof of the artwork and satisfy you that your Army Plaque will be to specification.